Apparently I'm Nice and that Matters....

Friday, September 14, 2007
Thanks to the fabulous SME of Blueapples fame, I'm the recipient of this lovely "Nice Matters" award. Woo hoo. Bitchin'. According to her blog, I'm now "supposed to award it to 7 blogfriends who just make blogging nice - people who are encouraging, inspiring, and kind." Well, frankly that would have included SME herself but since she already received it, I guess I can't do that. Hmmmm...tough choices. There are so many fabulous bloggers out there. Here goes:

1. SP from Whoville. She's a passionate vegan marathon runner - two things which I find truly inspiring. Plus she's got some adorable kitties.
2. Adam from Counting Down the Hours. Adam's not afraid to share exactly how he's feeling and wears his heart on his sleeve. Sometimes his writing is so beautiful, it makes me want to cry.
3. Heather who writes at Lectio. Knitter, philosopher, computer wizard (thanks for all the help!). No matter how hectic her life is or if she's feeling under the weather, Heather never seems to have a harsh word for anyone. Ever. Even the crazy construction people working on her building's balconies at ungodly early hours, or the marathoners streaming down her street. And apparently, she kicks ass at scrabble.
4. Mr. Anchovy - he landscapes, plays the accordian, and is passionate about animals (mainly stray cats and roaming bears). Sorry ladies, he's taken.
5. Wandering Coyote. Tattooed, pierced and potty-mouthed. But that's only the surface of what makes WC such an inspirational blogger. Like all the other bloggers I've listed, she tells it like it is, unafraid to censor herself. She's a cook/baker (I've had her cookies...FAB-U-LOUS), passionate about politics and current events, and blogs openly and honestly about her personal battles with mental illness. That, to me, takes some massive cajones and is truly inspirational.
6. Shea, who despite the title of his blog, is not actually a member of the undead. Along with Adam, Shea is my movie go-to guy. An aspiring film maker himself, he's constantly providing great reviews of new releases, hard to find foreign flicks, and classic films. Honest and straightforward, he's not afraid to pull any punches in his reviews. No one is safe. And yet, he doesn't resort to any sort of name calling or petty gossip. If you get a chance, send him a care package - he had a bit of a scary man-style health scare recently. Thank goodness all your bits are still in working order, dude.
7. Barbara, the Bad Tempered Zombie. She is neither bad tempered nor, like Shea, a Zombie. If there was ever an all-music version of Jeopardy, Barb would be the next Ken Jennings. She's funny, smart and sends me books, cards, and music on a fairly regular basis. She rocks my world.

There are a bunch of other bloggers whom I visit regularly that I didn't mention but the rules of the award are to award it to seven... Please don't think I'm dissin' ya.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Awwwwww, thanks!!!!! And it couldn't have come from a nicer person!

Aren't bloggers a fab bunch of people?

Wandering Coyote said...

Gee, thanks, Karen!

sp said...

Aw shucks thanks Karen. There's a reason I visit your blog regularly. You deserve the award. Talk about inspiring! The feeling is mutual.

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