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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Competitive eating is big business. There's big money (and big stomach aches I'm guessing) from stuffing your face. One of the most recent competitions held in Maine was the World Burrito Eating Competition. Now, if you're like me, the first thing that went through your head was...Maine = Burritos? I know...let's move on.

And yes, Sonya Thomas, the Black Widow herself was on hand to try and nab the title but came in a close second. The winner this year was Tim "Eater X" Janus whose poorly drawn facepaint looks more like the Ultimate Warrior than a day trader.

Besides the obvious question of why on earth would you want to do this (the prize for the burrito eater? $3000), I have to wonder at the choice of foods that are commonly ingested at these sorts of competitions. Let's run down the list shall we? There's hotdogs, buffalo chicken wings, the now famous burrito, jalapenos, grits, waffles, hamburgers (from Krystals), cannolis, tamales, and ribs to name but a few. Not really what we'd call "quality" but then again, the competitions are about quantity now aren't they? You never hear about the World Salad Eating Championships...

They can't be doing it for the money. See how I sucked you in with the previous comment about "big money"? Not quite true. Sure, an extra $3K in your pocket is nice but when you factor in time off work and travel expenses, unless you win each competition, you might very well end up losing money. I'm guessing these people just really REALLY like this kind of food.

A bit of advice? If you find yourself standing next to one of these competitive eaters, I suggest you NOT light a match. Better to be safe than sorry...we all know what hotdogs and Mexican food result in.


Beth said...

I saw footage from a cheesecake eating competition once. The body does not like to have that much dairy forced into it so fast.

Good thing they had buckets nearby.

Avid Andy said...

mmmm delicious burrito kitty

Wandering Coyote said...

The sign of a truly wasteful culture, IMHO. Starving so-and-sos in the very countries these competitions take place in and yet stuffing your face till you puke is a competitive sport. HMPH.

There was a great CSI about this topic.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Burrito cat is pretty adorable.

How come the winningest competitive eaters are all so skinny?

Gardenia said...

What really makes me mad is that many of the "eaters" are skinny!

Oh, I love Burrito Cat. Give him some cheese!

Jocelyn said...

I get so sick to my stomach watching the weird world of competitive eating. Something about it feels like an affront in a world where people are genuinely hungry.

Okay, preachy button off now.

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