Enemies of America Unite!

Thursday, September 13, 2007
A year or so ago, the name Noam Chomsky would have brought up unpleasant recollections of the Linguistics course I was forced to take in order to get my university degree. I couldn’t exactly tell you why, I think Chomsky’s done some work in that area but frankly, I’m in a pretty rotten mood and don’t feel like doing any sort of research so bear with me. You can always correct any inaccuracies in the comments section. Where was I? Oh right, Chomsky…It seems that the “enemies of America” are banding together to form some sort of Noam Chomsky fan club.

Last year (I think it may also have been in September), Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez addressed the United Nations. During his speech, he waved around (and I believe quoted from) a copy of Chomsky’s Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance. According to a report in The Guardian (ok, so I did a little research), sales of the book soared following the speech. This was also the same speech in which Chavez compared George W. to the devil. Tee hee. God how I wished I had seen it. Let’s check YouTube, shall we? Ooooh lookey:

You can find ANYTHING on YouTube. Mmm, the smell of sulfur in the air. Now that’s poetry. My favourite part of the speech? It’s a toss up between Chavez comparing what’s happening in the US to the plot of a new Alfred Hitchcock movie or when he crosses himself, Catholic-style, after speaking of the man who is the devil himself (oh yeah baby, that’s how me and my papist homies roll).

However, Chavez isn’t alone when it comes to professing the genius that is, apparently, Mr. Chomsky. None other than Osama Bin Laden himself has taken up the call. That noise in the background? Its gangs of Al-Qaeda supports chanting. But they’re not shouting “Death to America” anymore. No sir. It’s “Chommmmmmmm-sky!” In his most recent videotape, Bin Laden is echoing the words of Hugo Chavez and singing the praises of Noam. I’m just waiting for the next photo of a recovering Fidel Castro in his Addidas track suit reading a copy...


Avid Andy said...

yeah those are ringing endorsements by two top notch guys...one a dictator who is systematically silencing anyone who speaks out against him while consolidating power to set himself up for a lifetime of iron-fisted rule and the other a terrorist/mass murderer whose goal is the destruction of the west (not just America) resulting in an islamic caliphate.

Gardenia said...

Chavez references are not enough to get me interested in his rantings, seriously. I loved your wit in the post. I have yet to learn how to search U-Tube - I need to learn to post to it as well.

SME said...

I admit I know nothing of Chomsky's work (except that he was a linguist), though I did watch one of his filmed talks a long time ago. Richard was one of the horde who ran out and bought Hegemeny or Survival the day after Chavez's showboating speech, so I suppose I'll read it sooner or later. To be honest, any time an intellectual becomes too trendy I avoid him or her just on principle.

SME said...

Oops, PS: You've been awarded/tagged!

Wandering Coyote said...

Chomsky was a well-respected linguist before God was born!

My ex was a huge reader/fan of Chomsky, so I'm quite familiar with his views and his writing. He's very solid, very well-researched, and he tells it like it is.

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