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Thursday, September 06, 2007
It's being reported that Portuguese police are going to re-interview the parents of a missing 4-year old British girl who disappeared earlier this year from the family's hotel room. My first thought was this is going to turn into a replay of the Jon Benet Ramsey case where the parents become the focus of the investigation to the exclusion of pretty much everyone else. Sure the parents are the first, and most likely, suspects in cases like this, just as husbands/wives are the first suspects when a spouse goes missing.

I'm not going to come right out and say that the parents murdered their daughter, or sold her on the black market or make any other unsubstantiated claims. However, do you remember what the parents were doing when their daughter was supposedly abducted? They were in the hotel restaurant eating dinner. Where was their daughter? In their hotel room. Um...does this bother anyone else? Oh sure, she wasn't alone. We should all be grateful for that. Who was with her? Why, it was her 2-year old twin siblings. That's right. While mom and dad headed off to enjoy a delicious dinner, their three children, all under the age of five, were left alone.

I sincerely hope that this young girl is found safe and sound. Whether or not she should be returned to her parents, that's open for debate.

Remeber how I said I was planning on taking my mother to Jasper in the spring? Well... That might change. I feel bad that I've gotten her hopes up and might be about to crush them but I'm eager to travel. And not within my own province (or country). I've found a couple of places where I can travel quite inexpensively (including the airfare to get there) and this has me quite excited. I'm not going to bother going into details because I'd hate to get all of you excited as well only to disappoint you later on. You'll have to wait until I book the trip to get any more details. Sorry folks. All I can tell you at this time is that if I do manage to fly somewhere in the spring, it won't be to Nepal (damn...) but I will require sunscreen.

Sadly, there are now only two tenors. The only man who's voice was enough to move me to tears has passed away at the age of 71. Luciano Pavarotti died early this morning after a battle with pancreatic cancer. My favourite memory of the opera legend was during my archaeological field school in Jasper during the summer of 1997. The lengthy van ride (with our own crazy Italian) each morning to the drop off point near our site and then the ride home was filled, for me, with the sounds of his voice belting out Nessun Dorma (among others). Yes, I was a bit of an opera freak back in the day. I spent those six weeks playing the same tape over and over much to the chagrin of my fellow students who quickly got sick of hearing his voice everytime they walked into our makeshift lab. However, for me, archaeology and opera will always be intertwined. Oh, and learning to Merengue...or was it Salsa?


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btw...our boy Lance canceled at the last minute and never showed. He left me broken hearted.

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