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Sunday, September 16, 2007
Not much happening today. The mood hasn't much improved as I'm not really looking forward to heading back to work tomorrow (despite having one small task to complete). However, as I'm normally a perpetually perky Captain, I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and keeping my fingers crossed that things will work out as I'm hoping... In the meantime, let's talk about stuff that's way more happy-happy joy-joy than the present employment situation, shall we?

O.J.'s in trouble with the law again. OOOOOOH, colour me surprised. I'm tempted to say they should have fried his ass when they had the chance but that wouldn't be very nice now would it and we're supposed to be trying to be upbeat. This story has me all confuddled. It seems to change every few hours: a gun was used, O.J. had the gun, O.J. was there but wasn't holding the gun, the guy robbed was one of O.J.'s BFFs, the guy robbed is an acquaintace of O.J.'s, the guy robbed once saw O.J. in a movie, O.J.'s arrested, O.J.'s a suspect, O.J.'s vacationing in Bermuda. What to believe, what to believe. I guess at this point all we know for certain is that there was some sort of incident at a hotel in Vegas and O.J. was somehow involved....sort of?

The new season of Survivor starts this Thursday on CBS. Can you believe that this is the 15th edition of the show already? Wow, time really flies. I may have caught a single episode of the last run of the show, I just wasn't into it anymore. This time, they're in China and I'm not sure exactly how I feel. The fact that it appears as though they've gone inland again (finally!) and aren't on a bunch of islands somewhere makes me happy. And there's the possibility that they might actually go back to the original format and REALLY incorporate the history and culture of the location into the challenges (although god forbid they actually make up NEW challenges). However, after 15 seasons, it's getting a bit old, despite CBS's claims each season that there are "ALL NEW" challenges, and this will be the most dramatic season ever. Things were really good for the first three rounds of Survivor (Borneo, Australia, and Africa) before the contestants were people who had seen more than one season of the show. Now, it's all about alliances, pacts, and strategy. Where's the fun in knowing what to expect (for us or the contestants)? But besides that, there's the fact that they chose China as the location. I have nothing against China, but the same arguments that have been put forward against the upcoming Olympics being held in China hold true for CBS's decision to set this latest season there. I just don't know... I guess we'll see on Thursday (or not...). It should be noted that there is the prerequisite farmer type with the funny name: Chicken. I kid you not. And some young guy named Frosti. No word on whether he brought along his corncob pipe and carrot nose.

My fall reading list has gone all wonky once again. The addict that I am, I can't stay away from the bookstores or the library even though I already have plenty to read. I'm not sure exactly how the list will turn out but I'm leaving it open ended so that I can make changes as my mood dictates or add on if I finish early (um...I seem to have forgotten I wanted to finish W&P). Most of the group seems to be doing well so far. Still waiting for some updates from a few of them but overall, it's good.
I've got nothing else for you. Be nice to each other.


Jocelyn said...

Survivor has always had me. But my social life kind of consists of my tv shows, so I'm not a good barometer.

And, silly me, it's so dumb that it never occurred to me before this week that OJ, being the bastard that he is, would cross the law again. I just figured he's play a lot of golf and eventually die.

Gardenia said...

OJ should be really squeezed. Hard.

I hope to add my books for fall - later I will...busy now

Red said...

I ADORE Survivor. With The Amazing Race, it's up there among my unmissable TV progs. Though I much prefer Phil to Jeff, who has a tendency to get a bit over-familiar with some of the contestants...

Wandering Coyote said...

I haven't watched Survivor since Rupert, but I must admit, this China thing is intriguing. China has such a rich history and culture and I'm curious about how they're going to use it. I might tune in. I haven't watched it in so long that it might not feel so old for me.

Hope you perk up soon!

* (asterisk) said...

Looking forward to this season of Survivor. China should be way cool.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I usually get sucked into watching Survivor eventually, but will probably give it a pass this go round. That's when The Office is on fer cryin out loud!

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