Nothing Witty This Morning...Sorry

Saturday, September 15, 2007
Nope, not a thing. Sorry folks. Just feeling blah. I had a crappy week at work and am hoping for some changes which might happen fairly quick, if what I've heard is to be believed (possibly a new position for the captain). I'm not ready to chat about it yet - lets just say it's a workload (a lack thereof) issue and this past week was terrible. I love where I am and the people I work with - I just need more to do. I'll update you if and when things change.
Miracle Max

Which Princess Bride Character are You

Thanks to My Reflecting Pool for the quiz. I don't know if I buy it or not but it's something to blog about.


sp said...

I hear ya' on the work description. I think I've written those exact words at some point "I love the people I work with - I just need more to do."

Red said...

It's soul-destroying being at work and having not much to do. Been there myself and hated it. But hey... a new posish on the horizon! That's gotta make a gal thrilled and excited, non?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good luck on some positive changes at work. I was just reading about the phenomenon of "boreout" in the workplace, which often happens when supervisors won't delegate properly.

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