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Saturday, September 29, 2007
I feel the need to blog but don't really have anything specific to talk about. That's not unusual, especially for me. There are a bunch of little things rolling around in my head but as I sit here munching on my grilled cheese sandwich, listening to Freddy Fender and the rest of the Texas Tornados wonder about who I was thinking of while they were making love to me last night, I'm not sure where to begin. Let's just pick something shall we...

A woman in Siberia gave birth recently to a ... wait for it ... 17 lb baby girl. Yes, that's right, seventeen pounds. Ouch. Just thinking about it makes me clench my thighs together and vow to remain celibate for the rest of my life. Yikes! And to top it off, this is her 12th baby. Yes, that's right, her twelth baby. Um...birth control? According to this comment, the mom lived on potatoes and tomatoes during her pregnancy. Great, throw in some onions and you've got my favourite foods. Yep, the Captain is heading out later to buy herself an industrial strength chastity belt.

What else is going on in the world? Bad stuff is happening in Burma (nuts - forgot to take a photo of the red shirt and girls yesterday). Chris Pronger was named captain of the San Jose Sharks Anaheim Mighty Ducks (thanks SP). Man, the hockey world is whacked. Hurricane season is well under way although I've been losing steam.

Apparently it's currently Hispanic Heritage Month in the States. I didn't realize there was one. Well, there's the new thing I learned today. I wondered why CNN has been talking about all things Latino this morning. Yay! This fits in perfectly with my desire to learn more about Mexico, etc. I really think I need to learn Spanish. I can't even speak Spanglish - I've been faking it at work where I'm started calling myself El Gato del Diablo (I've also renamed the rest of the office staff) but I don't know how much longer I can keep it up.

In an effort to help my Spanish (and love of all things Latino), I've added a number of Spanish language movies to my Rogers online list. Last night I watched De Ida Y Vuelta (Back and Forth or, alternatively, To and Fro). The story was very good but it the film itself didn't work for me - the low budget production would have been fine but at times it felt that the director/producer just strung a bunch of scenes together and there was no real flow. A lot isn't explained and I only really knew what was going on because I did some research. However I did learn (thank you subtitles!) a few lovely swearwords in Spanish.

The basic plot? From Filiberto lives in California for three years as a laborer. He returns to Mexico to find his village in shambles, his mother gone, and the water supply controlled by an evil landowner. He escapes with his friend Luis, whose house had been burned down. They end up in Mexico City, meeting rampant corruption in their fight to win Luis' land rights. The two friends also fight with each other over the love of Soledad. Filiberto returns to the village to find an angry mob has assembled to track down Luis. There's more going on though, then this write up lets on. There's subtext about the plight of illegal immigrant workers in the US and the lives of peasant farmers in rural Mexico. Would I recommend it? That's a tough one. The acting is pretty bad, with the exception of Gerardo Taracena (see below) who is easily becoming one of Mexico's top actors but the story itself makes De Ida Y Vuelta almost worth renting. Filiberto's inner struggles, the tragic results when he joins the gang tracking his friend, and the end scene are powerful and emotionally charged. Watch it if you're a fan of Spanish/Mexican films but skip it if you can't stand subtitles or movies that don't necessarily "flow" the same way the big Hollywood blockbusters do.

As I mentioned, it stars Gerardo Taracena (also of El Violin which you know I'm dying to see) who has to be one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen (I've always had a thing for Latino/Mediterranean men.....mmmmmm, yummy). However, as you'll notice from the picture on the right, he's not what you'd call typically handsome. At least by North American standards. However, that's part of what makes him so attractive to me - his slightly too large nose, the Angelina Jolie lips, and what one friend referred to as his "horse-like" face (I'm still debating if we're still friends...).

Yesterday, I had a very long, very involved discussion about what makes people attractive with a male coworker. He was of the opinion that men (and women) want someone who's very fit and very attractive. A gym rat, he kept going on about how women love a man with muscles and that they don't want someone who's slightly flabby. Their ideal partner/mate is someone with perfect features, no flaws, and the perfect body. He makes me laugh. He found it very difficult to believe that anyone (male/female) would knowingly and willingly pursue someone who was less than the epitome of perfection. Ok, so he didn't quite put it that way but you get the idea. As I tried to explain to him that I actually prefer my guys without the Schwarzenegger-like biceps and a couple of cans short of a six pack, I could see the look of disbelief cross his face. Oh sure, I admitted that I like to look at well toned bodies (at which point he screamed "AHA!") but who wants to snuggle up with someone with overdeveloped rockhard muscles? Ick. Or maybe that's just me.

And just to help prove my point, an 82 year old Argentine woman has married a 24 year old man...see? It's not all about the tight buns of steel or gravity defying bosoms. Mind you, he might be in it for the money. Guess we'll have to see.


Wandering Coyote said...

Your co-worked is an idiot. Sorry, but really. Is he very young? He sounds like he's been indoctrinated by our pop culture. He should read The Beauty Myth.

All kinds of people are attracted to all kinds of people. I have a friend who likes big, burly, Dom DeLuise types. I have other friends who love the wirey, lanky, buttless types. My ex always said he found me attractive, and I was always overweight when I was with him. There are even clubs and bars in some big cities where small men can go to meet larger women. Like, LARGER women, I mean. I personally like very tall, very built men. The reality is, however, if you're not a good personality match, you're not going to have much of a relationship no matter what body type you are. Tell THAT to your coworker!

sp said...

Your Spanish must be getting very good by now (swear words and all). I should work on my French because all I've retained is the swear words. db is part French so I should make an effort I suppose.

I like how WC is to the point: he's an idiot. He must be fearful of what he's not.

Um...the spring/winter marriage? Um...yeah that is creepy on many levels and I really can't imagine what is going on in either of their heads. Nor do I want to.

Pronger? Again, I say Pronger? (it's anaheim that made that decision.) Go figure.

Finally, 17lbs!!!!!! I'm scared.

BeckEye said...

I saw that story about the giant baby. Just thinking about it makes my vagina hurt. Not as bad as that woman's though, I'm sure.

Gerardomaniac said...

Horseface?WTF? Gerardo is like a Mexican Johnny Depp!He is not typically what North America would find handsome but I'm white and I think he is SMOKIN'! I don't have any Mexican in me but I'd like to!

vale said...

I'm an Italian girl. I have both "De ida y vuelta" and "El violin" sent from Mexico.
Gerardo is really cool!
I love Native Americans in all the aspects, culturally and personally. I love their faces^^
And Gerardo has the typical Native American face that I adore!!
You speak about his face, his nose, his profile etc...let's talk about his incredible eyes!!!
He is really the most beautiful Native American man I've ever seen!
He reminds me of the Mayan men painted on the walls of the ancient Mayan ruins found in Yucatan or Guatemala! I'm really in love with him!
Peace and greeting from Italy ^_^

Escrevo... said...

Rudy Youngblood is very very good too...the too, are...No coments for...

Claudia Alonso said...

Gerardo is one of The most talented mexican actor that we have here (I'm mexican lady who lives un México). I agree with you, he's very handsome man, not just for his features, also his talent, his charisma. I enjoy his movies and hope some day know him un person. I recommended to see ¿Que culpa tiene el niño?, The new movie, he's hilarious and funny. Regards from México.

Claudia Alonso said...

Gerardo is one of The most talented mexican actor that we have here (I'm mexican lady who lives un México). I agree with you, he's very handsome man, not just for his features, also his talent, his charisma. I enjoy his movies and hope some day know him un person. I recommended to see ¿Que culpa tiene el niño?, The new movie, he's hilarious and funny. Regards from México.

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