Sleep...why doth thou elude me?

Thursday, September 27, 2007
Another few nights of relative sleeplessness. Ok, four hours (roughly) each night but that seems like a mere nap. Alas... Perhaps I doth protest too much. Perhaps I doth not allow the dark tendrils of night to slide across mine eyes and ... oh god. Now I'm going Shakespearean on y'all. This is what happens when I lie awake all night, dreaming of sleep. Not sure what's up - last night was the cat but the two nights before were not.

Moving on.
The CNN interview last night was a no-go. Seems the Iranian president cancelled in the morning, professing exhaustion which is to be expected given the schedule he had over the past few days. But then his people said that he might be able to answer a question or two. I'm sure he probably was exhausted - the one question CNN aired showed an extremely tired looking Ahmadinejad. However, I think part of it was fear. I don't know about the rest of you but if I found out it was going to be Christiane Amanpour interviewing me, I'd be worried as well.

I've "discovered" some new music all on my own. I didn't have to ask for any recommendations whatsoever. Woo hoo. While it's not the great up and coming indie Canadian bands (and a few American/UK groups too) that Barbara often recommends, I'm totally digging this group's sound. They're a pair of DJ's from Ecuador called Palenke Soultribe. Yes, it's electronica/house/whateverthehellitscalledthesedays... If you click on the link to their website you can listen to some of their tracks. I downloaded three from i-Tunes the other day and have been loving it. Great for walking home or on the elliptical. Woooooo hoooo! I Gotta Dance!

I'm also eagerly anticipating the DVD release of a Mexican film "El Violin". It was a selection at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival and is STILL making the rounds at various festivals. However, I read that the DVD will be released in January/February 2008 so I'm saving my pennies. Yes, the site I linked to is in Spanish but you can read a great review/synopsis of the film HERE. God, how this Captain loves her foreign films. There's just something about the way non-Hollywood types tell a story, even a simple story, that captures so much more than a big American production can.


sp said...

I'm listening to the music and I'm liking it. It would be good to take on a run as well. Although I generally don't listen to music while I train with the winter coming (meaning the rains) I'll probably need music to get me through the banality of the treadmill. Thanks for the link.

Sorry to hear about the sleeplessness. I've had ongoing problems with this (cat related and not) and it is no fun. At times I've even had anxiety about just going to bed because I fear the lying awake and wondering if I'll ever get to sleep. Hopefully you'll get a good nights rest soon.

scout said...

so, this means how many sheep you counted until you did doze for a bit? maybe you could go into the wool industry. pits....i love my sleep (maybe too much).

foreign films....yes, way better but i just can't manage subtitles anymore. so it's stick with what's in engligh at the rental place or change the furniture around so all seats are smack dab in front of the tv. hmmm, easier to rent what's in english.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hey I like electronica/house/whateverthehellitscalledthesedays

I'm going to check it out. Thanks.

Milla said...

Talking about sleeping: the other evening I went to bed at 8:06pm and woke up the following day at 5:50am -and only because the alarm clock went on.
I become mentally imbalanced if I don't sleep. Seriously.

latinout said...

Hi, cool music from Palenke Soultribe, thanks for the tip, however they are from Colombia, no Ecuador. Thanks!!!

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