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Saturday, October 06, 2007
If you haven't done so already, I suggest you stop by the Fall Reading Challenge and check out just how great everyone is doing with their reading lists. Just over a month in (a month and 3 days to be specific) and our little group of readers have already posted 24 reviews! That's almost one per day! The books we've all read run the gamut - political thrillers and real life biographies, history, historical fiction, evolution of food/eating, murder mysteries, name it, we've got it. And the reviews our readers have written up are outstanding.

Comedien Tom Green is doing commercials for CPAC. This disturbs me. Not sure why but it has a definite creepy factor. But then again, Tom Green has always given me the willies.

Marion Jones. What does she have to cry about? In case you hadn't heard, Marion Jones, an Olympic gold medalist in track and field, has finally admitted to using performance enhancing drugs. Oooh, I'm shocked! (Insert Sarcasm) Perhaps I'm just getting jaded in my old age but rather than proving athletes ARE using drugs in pro/elite sports, they have to prove to me they're NOT using them. We've had plenty of examples over the years to make us have our doubts about whether they're natural or not. And why is it when they're caught (whether they lied about it or just didn't answer), they all break down and cry? Any number of reasons: the pressure placed on them for years to continue to perform at the top of their sports, guilt, shame, etc. Boo hoo. Frankly, I have little sympathy. They all knew what they were doing was wrong and yet they did it anyways. Some, like Ms. Jones, lied to our collective faces when confronted about the possibility of them using illegal substances.

With athletic events such as the Olympics, it's supposed to be all about the athletes and the sports. Sure we're swamped on television with commercials for McDonalds and Coke interspersed with the coverage but it was intended to be the best of amateur athletes competing against one another - no political/ethnic/religious differences - just pure competition (an emphasis on PURE!). I have an issue regarding the whole allowing professionals to compete issue, but that's for another day...

One of the medals Jones won at the 2000 Sydney Olympics was as part of the relay team. Because it's likely that she's going to lose her five medals from those games, it's also likely that the rest of the team (because they won as a "team") will also have to forfeit their medals. While I feel bad for the other three runners (IF they didn't use drugs), Ms. Jones' actions taint the results of the whole team and therefore they cannot, in my opinion, be considered the winners. Jones, however, could certainly win an Oscar for her performance in front of the cameras over the years. Unfortunately, that's not a team sport.

I understand that athletes at the Olympic/international level feel enormous pressure to perform and that's unfortunate. Whatever happened to the love of the sport? I guess it got buried under the avalanche of endorsement deals and free Nike shoes.

So, go ahead and cry me a river Marion Jones. Your crocodile tears have no effect on me. Scratch that. They do have an effect on me. You, along with the other "athletes" who have chosen to alter their bodies rather than compete on an even keel with others, have hardened my heart. I can no longer watch athletic events such as the Olympics without skepticism. Thank you for ruining what should be an inspiring experience and turning it into a sham. Perhaps your tears are not because you're upset that you finally got caught. I can only hope that they are for all the children out there who've looked up to you over the years and chose you as their role model. However, you're a big fat liar so I doubt that's the case.

Shame on you.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Uckkk, Tom Green! That's one person the planet doesn't need!

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