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Monday, October 29, 2007

Above is the latest photo from "Images of Mexico City". Nice to see that HSBC truly is found worldwide... This is a beautiful shot but the overwhelming presence of the two HSBC logos is distracting. I especially love how the photographer chose to use black and white - much more dramatic although colour would have also been beautiful. Notice how the lights from the city are illuminating the clouds just enough to make them noticable? Breathtaking is all I've got to say. Again, I encourage you to go visit this blog if you get a chance.
You can click on the photo above for a much clearer, larger shot.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That is a wonderful photo. You are right, it's so much more powerful in b&w than it would have been in colour. I love the variations of grey.

SME said...

You're right, the HSBC logo is a bit distracting...but a beautiful shot nonetheless. I can see a couple of bank logos from our windows, so I guess I'm learning to overlook them.

Carraol said...

Hi Karen, thank you very much for your comments on this picture and for visiting my blog, you are always welcome.
Your blogs are full of interesting things to see and learn. Best of luck on your reading of 1000 books, by the way, have you read the Henry Miller's "The Books in My Life"? Sorry for the grammar and cheers from Mexico City.

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