Dinner and a Movie

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Yesterday was Tuesday. So what, you say. Well, regular visitors will realize that Tuesdays are the days when Mom and I schedule our mother/daughter time and have Dinner and A Movie. Not every Tuesday of course but at least once a month. Last night, we dined on fish, chips, and Greek salad. Mmmm, mmm. Tasty. Not the most fabulous meal but it was pretty darned good. And what was offered for our viewing enjoyment? Bandidas.

Most of you are probably lost. This movie got very little press or promotion from what I vaguely remember – I couldn’t even tell you if it hit the local theatres or went straight to video. That’s a bit of a shame because it was a fun little movie. Not great, will never win any awards but fun and fluffy. Bandidas is the story of two women, one the daughter of a wealthy bank owner (Salma Hayek) and the other the daughter of a poor peasant farmer (Penelope Cruz), who end up working together, running around Mexico robbing banks. Hayek’s father was joining forces with a big American bank in order to help finance a new railroad being put through the area. However, the US bank’s representative, played delightfully creepy by Dwight Yoakam, poisons him and therefore gains control of the Mexican banks. He and his cronies start throwing peasant farmers off their lands due to a loophole in their deeds, including Cruz’s father whom he shoots. The girls, two of the most unlikely of criminals, hatch a plan to rob the banks that the Americans are about to take over and steal the money and gold in order to return it to the peasants before it can be transported to the US. They’re aided in their madcap adventures by Steve Zahn playing an expert in criminal science, who’s coincidentally engaged to the daughter of the owner of the American bank.

The movie is silly and quite corny, and we’ve seen similar plots before, albeit this time with a female twist, but it still works pretty well. The best part of the movie is Hayek and Cruz, good friends in real life, who play off each other magnificently. These ladies should definitely work together again, and consider more comedic roles. And lest you think this is some sort of “chick flick” about empowerment, equality of the sexes, etc….it’s not. Sure the ladies will likely feel good about finally seeing women in the “hero” role of a pseudo-action film, and the guys will enjoy spending an hour and a half ogling Hayek and Cruz as they run around the countryside in corsets and leather pants, not to mention when they’re rolling around on the floor together fighting. There’s also an odd kissing scene with both ladies dressed as dance hall girls and a naked and bound Zahn which then becomes a running gag thru out the rest of the film. This got a bit old after the first few times it came up but it doesn’t detract from the rest of the hilarity in the film. Don’t be expecting to sit down for 90 minutes of deep, intellectually stimulating cinema. Save it for one of those nights when you just need a really good laugh. Gather some friends, share some popcorn, and let the giggling begin. Enjoy.


scout said...

like you say, it sounds fun...a nice, light snack of a movie. i doubt our local video outlet carries it though.....seriously.

sounds like you and mom had a nice evening :D

* (asterisk) said...

Um, I think this movie couldn't possibly be bad.

Sheamus the... said...

i laugh everytime i see this movie on a shelf. I typically cant stand Penelope though.

Gardenia said...

What fun - I must find this movie! And Greek Salad - ooohhhhhhhhh to die for, yum!

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