El Pantera

Sunday, October 21, 2007
I have another new guilty pleasure. It's a Mexican television show called El Pantera. Some of my American bloggers might be familiar with this if their cable package includes any of the Spanish language channels. No, I don't speak Spanish (yet) although I can swear worse than a sailor, and no, there are no subtitles. A bit is lost because I don't understand the dialogue but I've been able to piece together most of the story simply by watching. Before you start thinking of those cheesy Mexican soap operas or that bee from the Simpsons, it's nothing like that. It's more like Prison Break or 24 (two shows I admit I've never actually watched).

Here's the basic plot, modified from Wikipedia:
Gervasio Robles Villa is imprisoned for assassinating his fiancèe, a crime that he did not commit. During the time he was in the jail, he learned Wu-shu by a mysterious man called "El Indio" (The Indian). The Main General of the police, convinced of his innocence, decides to release him and to return him the life he was taken from. Nevertheless, this act of kindness is not without its own costs. Gervasio will be able to remain freedom under a condition: to work secretly with the police and to catch the criminals who inhabit the city. Now, Gervasio must find himself, recover his life and discover what his destiny is, and be known as “El Pantera” in a city where crime rules, money buys everything, and the opposite sex wants to dominate the world.

Based on a comic book series, the show began airing in May on Canal 5/Televisa on Monday nights. Not sure if it's showing in reruns currently or not. However, you can watch all the first season episodes on the official "El Pantera" website. Give it a try - it's quite good. Oh sure, the fight scenes could be jacked up a notch, there's a few too many sets of fake boobs if you ask me (some of you might enjoy it though), and the weird martial art hand moves the main character does are a bit distracting (I guess they're supposed to resemble panther paws?) but overall it's very entertaining. Action, humor, and sex. What more could you ask for in a television show? Well, I'd like English subtitles and the occasional Mexican wrestler but I'm not going to be picky about it...
OOops - the link I originally put up to watch the videos was the wrong one. It's been corrected now and you should be able to watch the episodes, including an extra one with a giant panda ...


ems said...

I really don't watch very much TV at all but I'm sure I would if I could get it in another language. Preferably German so I could stop it from getting even rustier than it already is.

Gardenia said...

We had lots of Mexican channels in Wyoming because of all the legals AND illegals. All I could find were these over the top game shows.

I find other countries can really come up with some weird ones - Mexico - and Japan to name a couple.

I do wish I could speak Spanish - so many of my friends were/are Latino - and it's getting so its not even considered a second language here - its running neck and neck with English.

This series sounds like something I would like to watch! I'm surprised in Florida that our cable company does not offer a Spanish speaking channel.

Anonymous said...

And thanks to the Apocalytpofansite admins for proving the info.

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