Good people, good turkey, good pie....good times

Sunday, October 07, 2007
Dinner is done. The dishes are washed and put away. The guests are stuffed full of turkey, potatoes, gravy, cranberries, pie and ice cream. A good time was had by all but now I'm home and relaxing. Trying to stay awake until at least 9PM but the turkey is hitting me hard, folks. Here's a few pics I snapped at our gathering.

We R in ur bed, sleeping off our turkey coma. Ok, they didn't get any turkey and I might be in trouble when I try to sleep tonight. They were a bit ravenous when I walked in the door with NO leftovers to share...that's not tiredness you see on Nero's face. He's busy plotting his revenge.

Risking her life in the jungles of the family room, wild human children running rampant throughout, our intrepid photographer happens upon the elusive Kunta, asleep in his favourite habitat - the "comfy chair". Keeping watch from a distance, our photographer noted that he eventually awoke, ate a turkey leg, and then fell asleep again in front of the television.

When the adults were no longer able to hold the zombie-like masses of children at bay with promises of extra stuffing and not having to eat the brussels sprouts, they broke down the walls of their enclosure and followed the scent of the food. Sensing my brain was actually mashed potatoes, I was quickly overwhelmed and had to fight for my life against the rampaging toddlers. I barely escaped with my life ... and a piece of pie.

My nephew the super-genius. In an effort to save time, he decides to rake the leaves directly off the tree before they hit the ground. No word on whether or not it worked.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh girl you are in such big trouble for not bringing any leftovers home for the kitties. They will make you pay.

Great sleeping guest shot though, and that was BEFORE turkey?

SME said...

Glad you survived this dangerous habitat!
Your nephew's on to something, there. ;D

Karen said...

To be fair, Barbara, the kitties don't even like turkey. However, the lack of mashed 'taters, cornbread stuffing, and homemade ice cream did not go over well at all. The elusive "Kunta" was my father in law (Kunta is Thai for mother's father). When he shows up, he naps, eats, smokes, naps, and eats some more. Then home he goes. Since he's a grandpa, I guess he's earned that right.

I tell ya, SME, that three year old is a genius. We played a game before dinner and he kicked my butt. When adding up our points, he counted all the way to thirty! I was shocked. Mind you he missed 15 and called 30 "twenty ten" but ya gotta admit, pretty impressive. I'm guessing he'll find solutions for world hunger, poverty, and climate change by the time he hits junior high. No pressure.

Gardenia said...

What fun. I have to say Nero looks just plain really mad at you, in the condescending cat type of mad thing you know. Like he really could do without the turkey, but HOW DARE you forget to bring it?

Hmmm - the eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping is a grandpa thing? This is nice to know because I thought "H" had had a stroke or something! I will quit worrying

Red said...

Happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving to you!

Hell hath no fury as a ginger cat scorned... I'd be watching my back if I were you. Oh, and your nephew raking the tree is just precious!

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