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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
I'm still trying to get over the fact that I wrote another post about Ms. Spears. Didn't I claim that I'd stop doing that? Aw shit. Failure once again. Please forgive me. I'll try my darndest to not slip up anymore.

You'll be happy to know (or not, perhaps you care not a lick) that I am now officially a deli clerk at a large grocery store chain in my neighbourhood. The "interview" wasn't an interview at all. It was essentially a "meet and greet" with the manager. No reference checks, no hard "make me think for a minute" questions. Nope. Orientation is on Saturday and then it's time to start wearing a hair net and serving processed meat to strangers. Woo hoo. In other work-type news, a couple of you have asked for an update on the other work situation. You'll be happy to know I have an interview tomorrow - I'll send you guys an update via email tomorrow afternoon with the details as I'd rather not discuss it too much here.

Here's a thought. Jesus died (supposedly) for our sins. If we don't sin, does that mean he died for nothing? Just wondering. I'll get comments about that one I'm sure...

Music news - Radiohead (bah! Sorry Barb) are allowing fans to download their new album and they get to chose their own price. If you want to pay $10, you pay $10. If you want it for free, you pay nada. I've come across some more great music. Well, I think it's great. If you don't, tough. Forgive me, I woke up (yep you guessed it) at 3am again... Crap on a stick, this sucks. I digress. More great music. This time it's (no real surprise here) Spanish - Puerto Rican to be specific. It's Daddy Yankee and the album is his most recent El Cartel: The Big Boss. According to Wikipedia, his music is classified as Reggaeton. I don't know what that means exactly but it's super catchy and makes me want to shake my booty all over the place. I had trouble opening his official site on my home computer (which is notoriously slow) but you can check out his MySpace page and listen to a couple of songs. I'm personally loving Ella Me Levanto and Cambio (not available on his MySpace).

Mother Nature is PMS'ing again and for some reason, Indonesia continues to push her buttons. You've heard my arguments before about why would you settle in environmental hotspots knowing what's in store everyyear so I'm not going to go into that in depth again. I realize that it's not feasible for all (or most) of the current residents to just pack up and move (much like those in New Orleans and surrounding area). However, I wonder why, centuries ago, someone didn't wisen up and move away, chosing to settle somewhere else. Am I on crack? Is it just me that finds this a bit crazy?


sp said...

When I moved to Vancouver island in the 90s I remember opening the phone book for a search and seeing a page on what to do if there is a Tsunami warning (that included a line that read "Do not go to the beach to watch") and another page with what to do in case of an Earthquake. I thought "This is crazy, why did I move here? This whole island could drop into the Pacific with one mighty quake!" Then I went to work, to school, took my bike along the trails etc and forgot about it. In other words life moved along.

I suspect Mother Nature will start to get cranky with the rest of the her earthly body as time goes on and we let our governments say stupid shite like we need a "balanced" approach to global warming. Hmmm.

p.s. hope the interview goes well!

Pokecheck said...

Just registered for my Radiohead download! Incredible band.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Pokecheck has good taste.

Karen, I am assuming you won't be sampling too much salami at your new job. And good luck with the real interview.

Gardenia said...

I don't think anywhere is safe anymore. Wyoming used to be very safe, if you don't count driving on icy, snow covered roads with the wind eradicating any thought of visibility. But now lots of tornadoes. We've created a lot of the unsafe conditions ourselves. You don't damn up the Mississippi and expect the New Orleans area coastline not to disappear - for Pete's sake - a Delta is made of continuous deposits from the river - then in Florida the coast line is built up to about 20 feet from the water - cement for some reason is not as porous as swamp and wetlands which are natural barriers to hurricanes. Therefore you get a hurricane and it tears things up - as well as removing the beach up to the condos, or removing the beach with the condos. However, the rich investors can somehow collect insurance (ins. won't pay the poor guys with the little two bedroom house that is gone) and rebuilt bigger and better condos to sell to some poor fool or someone rich enough that it doesn't matter if you lose your place - you get a lawyer to make your insurance pay up and rebuild.

I love being close to the water, but was smart enough to buy back of the flood zone. Doesn't make any difference though, my premiums went sky high with the folks living on ocean's edge. Go figure.

Could go to California, but its supposed to slide into the ocean, could go to Seattle, but it, along with California is very close to a fault line AND volcanoes. Kansas has tornadoes. Where, where can we flee to be safe? No wonder Mother Nature is PMS'ing - someone has screwed around with her world.

Sin? Isn't that mankind's state of being - as in original sin in the Garden of Eden? If Jesus died for us, then those of us with a relationship with Jesus are continually washed of sins by His blood. Now that's what I heard.

Argghh - I'm soapboxing - forgive me....I'm going to cook some veggies, throw "H"'s rotted work shoes out in the garage, and have a glass of wine and then drive to the theater for that Resident Evil Extinction Movie about the Zombie virus, eat popcorn and I'm not gonna worry about anything but contracting that virus! Goosebumps movies are on TV tonight too - they are good. Oh, I love October, I waste all my time watching spook movies.

Gardenia said...

ah - thanks for the link to Daddy Yankee - I'm going to Zune to track him down and download some first chance I get....very sexy music -

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