It's 5:30am and You've Already Pissed Me Off

Wednesday, October 03, 2007
NOTE: there was a problem with the link posted below. You should be able to view the video/story at CNN by clicking HERE.
And I was looking forward to such a good day. The interview. A great breakfast of banana pancakes covered in strawberries and nectarine. Mmmm. The day had such promise. And then, just as I was mixing in the mashed bananas....I heard a story on the news that made me want to kick some ass.

Seems an AMERICAN business owner (an American citizen) chose to fly a Mexican flag along with the American flag on the roof of his business to show his support for the Mexican community which probably makes up a large portion of his business. A white American found this highly offensive and climbed on top of the business and used his "AMERICAN ARMY ISSUE!" knife to cut it down. As he speaks (ie: practically yells) to the reporter, he's practically vibrating with indignation that the business owner would have the gall to fly a Mexican flag in America and wants "them" to come and fight him for the American flag which he essentially stole from the business. You can view the video (preceeded by a short commercial) HERE.

As you can see from the picture, the business owner erred by choosing to display both flags on the same pole - this is in fact illegal. In the US, you cannot display two flags on the same pole. If someone had explained that to the business owner, chances are he would have changed them. But no. Some idiot, acting under misguided "patriotism" commits an act of violence to try and prove his point. Some people are so stupid. His family had to come here from somewhere else originally - they two at one point were immigrants. It's attitudes like his that make people around the world hate the US so much (no offense to my American pals, it's nothing personal against you specifically) and its scary to realize that the attitude of the man in the video is shared by a large portion of the population.

Yep, I'm pissed off and that's not a good way to start my day. The pancakes did nothing to make me feel better (other than give my tastebuds a flavour filled orgasm).


sp said...

I couldn't see the report, but from what you've said this is completely insane jingoistic behaviour.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What the hell is wrong with people? There's way too much testosterone in the water or something.

Red said...

In Italy, most hotels fly several flags, to indicate, I guess, that people from all these different countries come and are welcomed at that particular establishment. As far as I know, no Italian has ever climbed up the flagpole to cut the other flags down in a fit of patriotism. Of course not... that would be NUTS!

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