No, I HAVEN'T heard anything yet...

Friday, October 19, 2007
It’s been another one of THOSE weeks, you know, work-wise. Still no word and still more people asking me (some of them on a daily basis) if I’ve heard anything. I’m getting more and more frustrated. The pressure of not hearing anything (they haven’t contacted my references either…although they may not considering I already work with the people who interviewed me) became too much the other night and I lost it. Had a break down. Massive crying fit. It was probably a long time coming and other things led up to it but the not knowing was what set me off. Thank goodness for emotionally sensitive cats and my well-worn copy of Apocalypto. Just about any bad situation can be made better with a furry head-butt and the naked butts of a bunch of hot looking men running through the jungle, all sweaty-like. Yep, just about anything.

Not much else is going on in my little corner of the world. The rest of the world, lots, but here – nope. Nothing. Benazir Bhutto was welcomed back to Pakistan with a blast…a blast which ended up killing over a hundred people. The paedophile I mentioned in a previous post has apparently been caught by Thai police. Is it just me or does he look a lot like that guy who claimed to be involved in the Jon Benet Ramsey case? Odd… Britney’s in more trouble. Wandering Coyote won (AGAIN!) the latest edition of Famous Stupid People over at Harper Valley.

No exciting movies to report about. If it’s arrived, I’ll be watching Man on Fire tonight. Upcoming Dinner and A Movie this week should be (again, if it arrives in time) Bandidas. Just the kind of mindless fluff that both mom and I need right about now.

Trying to do some reading. Working on a couple of very interesting books (yay). I’m reading Typhoid Mary: Captive to the Public’s Health (nonfiction) and so far the first two chapters DON’T SUCK! And, you’ll all be shocked to hear, I’m actually reading some fiction and it’s not War and Peace. I’m reading Don Jennings’ 1980 bestseller Aztec. So far so good, quite well written, and extremely well researched. My only problem? It’s HUGE! My copy is an oversized paperback (about the size of a hardcover) and it’s almost 800 pages! This might take me two weeks, rather than the few days I originally anticipated…

Other than that, feeling in a bit of a funk at the moment so you’ll have to pardon the lack of usual Captain Karen humor.

Picture from Rockin' Rob "Day 93 - Kitty Bean"


Gardenia said...

Awwww - I hope you hear something soon. It is nerve wracking to wait. This happened to me once when I first came here - I finally became to irritated I called the guy up and said, "Well, do you want me or not?" To my surprise, he said to come on in.

Yeh, those cat head-butts are such a sweet expression of cat's "I care." The butts in Apocalyto aren't that bad either. I too love that movie. Even on TV the film is just stunning. I would love to see it in a huge screen theater!

sp said...

Sorry about the work situation. I sympathize going through a difficult work scenario myself.
I look forward to the Typhoid Mary review.

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