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Sunday, October 28, 2007
Nope nothing. My mind is a blank. Therefore, I'll share some interesting things I saw in the news recently:

FEMA - these guys need a new PR person. As if they weren't considered a complete joke after the whole Hurricane Katrina fiasco, it's now come out that they recently faked a press conference. Seems that they announced the press conference at the last minute so no reporters came. Rather than cancel it and reschedule, they had their own people pretend to be reporters and ask some "hard hitting" questions. Oh lordy. How stupid can they be?

Who's been a naughty royal??? British police have arrested two men who tried to blackmail the Royal family. Seems there might be a little sex tape (a la Paris Hilton) involving a member of the Royal family. I'm seriously hoping it's not Prince Charles and Camilla... The whole audio tape recording involving them and a reference to a tampon is enough to make me taste my breakfast all over again.

At an auction recently in Dallas (damn those Texans...), one of the items up for a bid was a lock of Ernesto Guevara's hair. Seems it was being sold by an ex-CIA agent who was present when Guevara was captured and executed. The seller alleges that he cut off the lock of hair shortly before the body was buried. Frankly this makes me sick and I'm going to leave it at that otherwise I'll say something rude.

While trying to find some information on the "400 Pueblos" picture the Globe and Mail posted the other day, I came across this blog. It's filled with great pictures of Mexico city. However, rather than the usual sights you'd see (museums, famous buildings, statues), the shots are of everyday people, buildings, and events that most tourists don't ever see. Check it out if you get a chance. A little while ago, while searching for recipes to use for our annual Halloween potluck at work, I came upon The Great Taco Hunt. It doesn't seem like the owner of the blog is posting anymore, but if you ever find yourself in LA and are jonesing for a great's a good idea to look at your options.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have not seen that taco macro before. Disturbing and hilarious! That cat looks seriously unimpressed.

scout said...

prince charles and camilla....naw, couldn't be if there's a tampon involved....she's post menopause for sure. ah hemmm, oops, notice the story that grabbed my attention :D

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