Remember the Alamo-ny!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Today’s Mexico History lesson is about the Texas Revolution. Not sure if that’s the actual name of it but that’s what Wikipedia has it under and we all know they’re the experts on everything…Here’s a brief overview provided by our Wiki-friends:

The Texas Revolution or Texas War of Independence was fought from October 2, 1835 to April 21, 1836 between Mexico and the Texas (Tejas) portion of the Mexican state of Coahuila y Tejas.

Animosity between the Mexican government and the American settlers in Texas (who were called Texians) began with the Siete Leyes of 1835, when Mexican President and General Antonio López de Santa Anna Pérez de Lebrón abolished the Constitution of 1824 and proclaimed a new anti-federalist constitution in its place. Unrest soon followed throughout all of Mexico, and war began in Texas on October 1, 1835, with the Battle of Gonzales. Early Texian success at La Bahia and San Antonio were soon met with crushing defeat at the same locations a few months later. Soon after, a Texian fort was overrun, and all save a few of the defenders were killed in the Battle of the Alamo.

The war ended at the Battle of San Jacinto (about 20 miles (32 km) east of modern day downtown Houston) where General Sam Houston led the Texas Army to victory in 18 minutes over a portion of the Mexican Army under Santa Anna, who was captured shortly after the battle. The conclusion of the war resulted in the creation of the Republic of Texas. The Republic was never recognized by the government of Mexico, and during its brief existence, it teetered between collapse and invasion from Mexico. Texas was annexed by the United States of America in 1845, and it was not until the Mexican-American War that the "Texan Question" was resolved.

I encourage you to read the rest of the Wiki article – I found it a bit biased towards the American viewpoint but not in a blatant, obvious way. However, for those of you out there who only know about the Alamo from that silly cliché expression and movies of the event (notoriously anti-Mexican/pro-American and often with crappy plots), you’ll learn a thing or two. I had known that the US “acquired” Texas from Mexico and was not naïve enough to think that it was an amicable arrangement for all parties involved, but I wasn’t aware of the background to the start of the war and the waves of immigrants allowed over the border by Mexican government at the time. The reactions on both sides of the border make an interesting backdrop to the current flow of immigrants heading in the opposite direction and the current US government’s policies. Go on, give it a read and let me know what you think.

I’m curious to see what the deal with the “Texas War of Independence” is on the other side of the border. The States paints the portrait of the men who fought at the Alamo as heroes and it’s held up as a sign of defiance against impossible odds – the heart of what America is all about (or at least that’s the message we’re told to believe).

My only other knowledge about the Alamo is that Ozzy apparently took a leak and was arrested there. Oh, and I remember PeeWee stopped by there while searching for his stolen bike.

In other news, Hugo Chavez has been busy lately. It seems he’s bent on not only becoming president for another term but now he wants to become a rock star! Chavez has released a CD of him singing traditional Venezuelan folk songs which will be distributed free throughout Venezuela. I wonder if I can get my hands on a copy… I’d curious to see what it sounds like!


Gardenia said...

There is still the fact that the U.S. went as far as Mexico City with its military. Maybe there is some history there that for some reason has been kept kind of quiet? I know that in many parts of Mexico Gringos are despised.

scout said...

when i was in the alamo several years ago i kept walking around saying 'there's something wrong with this place. this is not a proper museum'.

duh, it finally donned on me it's NOT a museum, it's a shrine!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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