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Sunday, October 28, 2007
With everything happening in southern California, it occurred to me today that FEMA stepped in to offer assistance almost immediately. President Bush flew out personally and traveled around with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, much quicker it seemed than he did during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Did he even touch down and walk around during Katrina? I don't remember. And then it hit me. It should have been obvious but alas, I have been in a daze apparently. You see, there's a huge difference between the 9th District of New Orleans and the streets of Malibu. One's filled with the rich and famous, the majority of whom are white. The other? Take a guess. Oh and don't forget the international movie star/politician who's in charge.

However, there are more stories than just which famous director lost their multi-million dollar home. And I'm not talking about the average, middle or lower-upper class families who's homes survived while everyone else's home on the block was burned to the ground. Yes, there are plenty of those stories as well. I'm thinking of the thousands of illegal immigrants living and working in California.

Firefighters found the charred remains of four bodies, believed to be either illegal immigrants or migrant workers, in the aftermath of one of the fires. Some illegals have simply been turning themselves into the border patrols because the fires were so bad and they weren't able to get to safety. A number of migrant agricultural workers stayed in the fields working while fires came ever closer. There are scores of illegal immigrants who chose not to head to evacuation centres or seek help for fear of deportation. And there's reason to worry. Seems everyone wants the fabulous fruit and veggies these workers help provide for our tables but the moment they come out and ask for help in the face of an emergency...back you go! The reports I've been hearing all weekend are really pissing me off.


ems said...

Makes me angry - we obviously haven't got the fires here but we do have casual, foreign labour underpinning our fruit and veg market. People don't seem to realise that if they want cheap food there has to be cheap labour.

Candy Minx said...

Yes, this is heartbreaking conflict of money and have and have nots. People die just from sneaking through the deserts to get north, nevermind how tragic while working.

The hurricane did hit people across the board economically in NO it's just that some people had insurance scams or no insurance, were renters...and some had a decentinsurance company. (I'll post some pics in a day or so)

Gardenia said...

Well, I'm a believer in immigration reform. Immigration has to be regulated. It rarely comes out how much the illegals are being exploited by "employers."

I lived in an area where many illegals were working - I worked for the newspaper and began a feature story on them - I found that there was a literal "company store." They were charged for translation, check cashing, assistance with postal needs, etc., and etc., by employers who "helped" them and paychecks were small, smaller when the "bill" was deducted. I never finished the story - I had calls threatening my life and my children's lives if I did.

Leaving the employers of illegals alone is tantamount to the approval of slavery.

Now, when I am paying about $1.50 for an avocado, $1.50 for a bunch of radishes, $3.00 for a cauliflower - - - and so on, I don't consider that cheap produce.

(BUY LOCALLY when you can!)

Also, the illegals are not all poor, hardworking folk - Wyo was swamped with Meth coming north from Mexico with some illegals.

These fires are an example of one of the reasons why immigration needs to be controlled. Who comes out on the short end - poor folks, whether illegal or not. I have been close to working in "fires" so to speak, because you are afraid you'll get fired...been there! We need to take a look at suck-up corporate- petting employment law in the U.S.

Nice of the President to make his appearance. But there was more in the way of news coverage wasn't there? He was probably making sure the crops were fine. I'm surprised he hadn't borrowed a firefighter's outfit for his appearance.

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