Shoppers Drug Mart, Thou Art Evil

Saturday, October 13, 2007
It should be illegal for drug stores to sell anything other than drugs. But I get ahead of myself...

I'm a bit cheesed off at this weekend. You see, I'm STILL waiting to hear about that job I mentioned previously. The one in the same department that would mean actual work? Apparently they had a meeting in the middle of the week and, according to my inside source (who was at the meeting), they were going to be making their decisions. It's now the weekend and still no phone call. I'm tempted to ask my source but that puts them in a awkward position. What's really driving me crazy is that a number of people (including one who interviewed me) have basically told me I've got the job, I'm their number one and only choice. What's the hold up? Arrrrgggghhhh. I know, I know, patience - it's a virtue. Whatever. I hate waiting. If I don't hear by Wednesday...I can't be held responsible.

SO...on top of this, I was expecting my DVD copy of the first few episodes of LOST (Season 1) should have arrived yesterday in the mail but didn't. I was hoping to spend the weekend discovering just what the hoopla is all about. Then, off to Audrey's to pick up a couple of books I had ordered which arrived. Oh how I love the bookstore and Audrey's loves me back. They have a great History section, two floors, dark wooden shelves, and staff who actually know about books. There was no one at the order desk so I had to ring the bell (something I hate doing). Then, when no one answered, I had to ring AGAIN. Blood...pressure...rising... Finally someone helped me and he thought my last name was absolutely fabulous. However, only one of my books had arrived. Normally this wouldn't piss me off. The problem though is the two books were the first and second in a series and the one that arrived? Yep, you guessed it, it was the second book. Dammit. I can't read the second one before the first! So, what do I do? I picked up another book to tide me over in the meantime... I'll add it to the ever growing pile of unread books on my shelves. Book stores are the vacation spot of the devil.

Still in a not great mood, I then headed to the drug store. It was a planned shopping trip - I had to get a few things. However, the drug store is stocked full of little goodies to tempt the unwary shopper. Warning signs need to be placed at the entrance to advise those in a vulnerable state that perhaps they should stay away until they're in a more stable frame of mind. Alas there were no signs on this day. Figuring I'd pop in and get cat treats, some fabric softener, and maybe a small snack-like treat for myself, I walked out 15 minutes later $40 poorer but carrying two bags filled with a number of items, while necessary were not on my list, including lipstick and mascara. Two things I have been proud to say I have not owned in almost three years (I have purchased the occasional lip gloss but I don't really consider that makeup). Can someone tell me when Satan began selling razors with citrus scented handles? I find it quite intriguing but at the same time disturbing. If they hadn't taunted me with the promise of six razors for the price of four AND the pleasure of smelling lemons and limes as I cut chunks of flesh out of my shins, I would never have picked up a package and would have saved myself six bucks (they were also on sale...demons). To top it off, I found a new humidifier I'll be buying at the end of the month to help combat our desert-like dryness now that winter has almost arrived. Drug stores are the home of the devil.

Damn, damn, damn you Beelzebub.


SME said...

Ugh, waiting is the worst. I hope you hear soon. Immediately, actually.

I am sooo happy to hear you're giving Lost a shot!! I was a late convert, too; I assumed it was just a lame soap opera with coconuts until I heard about the polar bears. That was right before season 3 began. Now I'm hopelessly hooked, or maybe a better word would be OBSESSED. I'm working on a Lost fanblog, even.

Heh heh, the drugstore is indeed a land of temptation. Richard goes for a bag of chips or something and always comes home with some bizarre gadget, like a motion-activated water bowl for the rabbit. She hates it.

Tanya Espanya said...

Waiting is awesome. You can meditate and then do some worst-case scenarios which will kill any relaxing zen vibe the meditation gave you.

Your book store looks so cute, will definitely meet you there next time we're in Edmonton (I don't know when that will actually be, though...Maybe next summer we'll go to the Stampede in Calgary and we can pop up.)

Yeah, lipstick...My new love (thanks for reminding me so I can do a post about it) is Burts Bees lip balm with colour. It's the best thing because it's...well, it's lip balm with colour!

I like the mintiness tingling too.

sp said...

The magazine rack in the drugstore gets me everytime. I resist and resist and then...I leave with at least two magazines and oh the colourful bandaids (a runner's friend) and new insoles (more running fun) and I didn't know they had sparkly hair clips that looked like that etc etc.

Gardenia said...

I'm laughing so hard! Let me know if the razorblades work! Yeh, when did the drugstore become a den of iniquity, an enticement to forget our food budget for things like makeup, frou frous, etc. I always give in to the big bag of black licorice. Here, the drug store carries everything else, but usually has to order the drug you need in - and in two days you can get what you need to get over your illness. Now that you mentioned it, yes, maybe they are run by Satan.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Lemon what? That's just crazy.

Another thing I don't understand is flavoured toothpaste. Isn't the idea to get the taste OUT of your mouth?

Wandering Coyote said...

LOST rocks! You will not be disappointed, I'm sure! I have a LOST countdown clock thingy on my desktop...I am so stoked for season 4, which begins in 114 days, 25 minutes, and 3 seconds.

I like Shoppers well enough, but I still love London Drugs more. We don't have one here, unfortunately. Or, maybe fortunately. Perhaps I'd be poorer still if we had one...

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