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Friday, October 19, 2007
So my last post was a bit down but its what I'm feeling right now. Let me correct that, what I was feeling....nope what I am feeling. Sorry, it's a bit confusing. All that stuff is still there but it's been pushed aside for the time being. As if on cue, the boys greeted me with tails swirling around my legs, bodies pressed into my calves, and purrs filling my ears almost from the moment I walked through the door. There's nothing better. Oh wait, yes there is. Coming home to kitty headbutts and discovering a movie waiting for you in the mailbox. Could it get better? Yes, it can - coming home to kitty headbutts, a movie waiting for you, AND a parcel. But you know what? It's as though the gods of happy stuff decided I needed a bit more of a pick-me-up than that. IMPOSSIBLE Captain, I hear you say. It can't get any better could it? I swear on the lives of my crew that indeed it can. What's better? Coming home to kitty headbutts, a movie waiting for you, and TWO parcels waiting in your mailbox!!!! Yep, that's right folks. Two parcels. What a great way to start my weekend.

Waiting in my mailbox for me today was a copy of Man on Fire. Granted, it's probably going to be pretty lame but whatever. Meh. It's got explosions and it's set in Mexico which is good enough for me today. Stuffed into the mailbox along side the red Rogers envelope was a package from Heather with a pair of homemade mittens. It's like slipping into your favourite jammies. I LOVE THEM! Nothing fancy like skulls but they're much better quality than anything I've made (Heather's mitts don't have those odd holes in the thumb crease like mine). Check out her blog, she's knit some fabulous items over the short time I've been reading and taught me so much. She's also about to start her Masters degree in Philosophy in the new year, and kicks butt at Scrabble.
Speaking of kicking butt at scrabble...the second parcel to arrive was from that wacky duo, Red and *(Asterisk). This parcel, unlike Heather's, was unexpected (although they did mention it just mere days ago). As usual, it was stuffed full of goodies including a giant chocolate coin, a leather bookmark (to insert into my many books), three DVDs of The Apprentice UK (way better!), a great cat coaster (The Best Things in Life Have Fleas), and a book. YAY for me! It feels like Christmas and my birthday wrapped into one today. The book is The English: A Portrait of A People by Jeremy Paxman. Hmmm. Considering I also read Watching the English by Kate Fox earlier this year (a gift from another UK blogger, Alun), I wonder if my UK buddies are trying to tell me something...


Heather said...

You're welcome!!

sp said...

What a nice surprise! I love the mittens. They look very cozy.

* (asterisk) said...

UK blog buddies trying to tell you something? Maybe just getting you ready for the level of insanity you might expect when you visit. Sorry the Apprentice discs were so long in coming; I've been a lazy ass!

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