Stupid is as Stupid Does

Monday, October 22, 2007
Man oh man, Kid Rock’s got me jonesing for some waffles. You think a guy as famous as he is and apparently as rich, he’d be able to take his entourage somewhere fancier than a Waffle House for something to eat. Mind you, after a night spent partying hard, there’s nothing like a greasy spoon-type of breakfast to quell the storm rising in your belly. I wouldn’t recommend punching out your fellow customers though. Mmmmm, waffles…. Why can’t we have a Waffle House in Canada?

In a move that strikes me as eerily similar to Russia’s claims in the Arctic, Chile, along with a number of other countries, is claiming “an extended portion of the Antarctic seabed to uphold its rights”. What’s one of the main reasons? You guessed: to search for oil and gas. Can we not have one last untouched land in this world? Ok, so the Antarctic isn’t exactly “untouched” but you know what I mean. Are we so driven to find and recover oil that we would risk polluting the oceans? Oh wait…we already do that, don’t we? Stupid stupid stupid.

Hugo, baby, you had me at hello. Then you got a bit power hungry. It seems El Presidente has lashed out at his country’s Catholic Church leaders in Venezuela who have spoken up in opposition of his plans to change the country’s constitution in order to do away with term limits. Oh Chavez, you foolish man. It seems it goes a bit further than this. His plan “also includes a provision that allows security forces to detain citizens without charge during political ‘emergencies’ or major natural disasters.” Um….uh….hmmm… This has me a bit worried. Who determines what constitutes a “major” disaster or a political “emergency”? The same people who would be doing the detaining? Not so good. However, despite the church’s vocal opposition, according to the article Venezuelans are expected to approve Chavez’s plans when an election is held this December. Largely due to his social reforms and public projects, I’m guessing, but I wonder if there will be a little bit of “encouragement” aimed at some groups? Despite all this, one of the things that bothered me most about this article was the line “Watchdog groups believe Chavez is speeding up his drive to build a socialist state”. They make socialism sound … evil. Blast them!


mister anchovy said...

At our hotel in San Antonio, the complimentary breakfast included waffles you cook yourselves - shaped like the state of Texas. I'm not making this up.

SME said...

I want to think the best of Hugo C., I really do. He's done a lot of good so far. But his recent activities do freak me out a little...there's too much room for megolamania to blossom.

Ahh, waffles... *drool*

Sheamus the... said...

dang that looks good.

Pokecheck said...

mmmmmm Texas-shaped waffles.....

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