Tequila Good for your Colon?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Awesome. My sphincters say thank you. Apparently this news was released back in March of this year but I just heard about it on CBC radio yesterday. Way to be on top of "breaking news" CBC. Excellent job (I kid). According to the articles, "compounds derived from the blue agave, a fruit used to make tequila, shows promise in early laboratory studies as a natural, more effective way to deliver drugs to the colon than conventional drug-carriers". Before you run out and buy cases of tequila, you should know that the cooking process involved in turning the fruit into alcohol destroys these benefits. Damn. I wonder if Liquor Depot takes returns/exchanges...

After spending all weekend waiting for it, I missed Larry King's interview with former Mexican President Vincente Fox on Monday. What was I smoking? However, he was also on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and I managed to catch a few minutes of the interview. I don't think I like him (Vincente that is, I love me some Jon). Tomorrow (Thursday), Larry's going to be interviewing Stephen Colbert, he of the sexy-ears, which should be interesting. I'm writing a note on my hand and not washing until time for the interview.

Last night was the latest installment of "Dinner and a Movie" with mom. On the menu - spaghetti and blueberry cheesecake. On the little screen - Wild Hogs. This wasn't my choice but I knew that mom really wanted to see it so we sat down and watched. I have to admit, I let out a huge laugh within the first five minutes and kept it up through most of the movie. It wasn't the greatest film ever made but it was a nice 90minute escape. William H. Macy was hilarious as was Stephen Tobolowsky (as always) who made an appearance as a bumbling small town sheriff. John Travolta (sorry Beckeye) looks as though he's had some bad plastic surgery in an effort to look as good as he did in the late 70s or early 80s. If you need a good giggle, give it a try but share the cost of a rental with a friend.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I was listening to the agave story on CBC as well. I don't feel badly for not being able to tolerate tequila now, since it turns out not be so so beneficial in that form after all.

scout said...

i kept looking at the headlines on 'tequila good for stomache' but never read it. now i get the quick synopsis from you and , brother, talk about headlines giving the spin on the spin!!!!! i was dissapointed, thanks for showing me the light.

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