Club Eutanasia (2005)

Saturday, November 17, 2007
Club Eutanasia is set in a run down retirement home, the inhabitants of which receive little food, rarely get to see a doctor, never get visitors, and are essentially just living out their remaining days, waiting to die. When the wealthy benefactor of the home dies, leaving almost nothing in his will for the running or maintenance of the home, the greedy director (played to perfection by Ofelia Medina) cuts the residents' food and medicine even further in order to line her own pockets. However, one of the residents isn't willing to simply roll over and die. He teams up with a few of his friends to kill off the weaker, more annoying residents in order to secure more food and medicine for their new foursome which they call Club Eutanasia (Club Euthanasia).

The foursome, along with Adalberto their "fearless" leader, includes a retired librarian who believes he's mere days away from discovering the location of Moctezuma's lost treasure, a wheelchair-bound, formerly wealthy socialite who has been abandoned by her son who's stolen all her money, and a one-time B-movie star who's awaiting the moment she's called upon to reprise her most famous role as Queen of the Vampires. Everything seems to be going according to plan until one of the Club's members suddenly ends up dead!

Not only are the Club's members and the director fantastic characters (not to mention the director's assistant played by the equally fabulous Gerardo Taracena), but the supporting characters, ie the club's victims, come close to stealing the spotlight away from the stars of the film. Unlike many of today's big blockbusters, Club Eutanasia doesn't have any massive explosions, nailbiting car chases, or state of the art CGI effects. Who needs that when you've got a great story and an amazing cast? With the exception of Taracena, I admit that I've never heard of any of the other actors in the film. However, looking at their work on, I'm guessing they're probably all extremely well known in Latin American cinema.

This has to be one of my favourite movie experiences this year. It's a fun little film - a great dark comedy. Definately Captain recommended - check your local video store's foreign section/new releases (it just came out on DVD) for a copy.

Spanish, with English subtitles.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

It sounds fun. I had not heard of it but I'll look for it in DVD later. Thanks for the heads up.

Adam said...

Hey, yeah I was tryin to work an Aliens quote into the mix higher but as you know - Hudson never says one optimistic thing the whole movie, haha.

And as for the blog template - it's adios, muchacho. I'm working on a new logo and ratings key.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Great find! I've not heard of this film, but it sounds like exactly the sort of thing I would enjoy immensely. I am going to look for this.

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