Executive Decision

Friday, November 23, 2007
I had a long thought about the TJ tix last night and continuing this morning, and I've made a decision. Based on the Jubilee's seating chart, if I can score two tickets in the orchestra pit, the main floor (but not the back rows) or the front of the first balcony, I'll go for it. However, if I can only get the back of the first balcony or anywhere in the second, it's not worth it for me. The tickets are going to work out, with tax and service charges, to over $100 each (more if I get the higher priced tickets). I just can' justify spending that much of my own money, and that of my brother and his family on tickets.

I've been to the Jubilee before - it's where the University of Alberta has their convocation ceremonies and my brother took me to a Weird Al (shut up) concert there years ago. Our seats, for both my brother's and my own graduations, and the concert were in the second balcony...it's not worth it at all.

Yes, I'd love to see Tom but that's the point - I want to SEE him. I'm not going to spend all that money if I can't tell if it's actually him or just an imposter lip syncing. I'll keep y'all posted. Cross your fingers that the Captain scores some great treasure!


Red said...

Fingers, toes and every other appendage firmly crossed for you, Missy!

(If I may, though: I'd still go for the crappy seats if nothing else is available. Think of the fun you'll still have dancing and hollering! And if you don't, you might regret it... no?)

* (asterisk) said...

Thing with crappy seats is, if you end up next to someone who smells like they shat themselves, you can complain to staff and they will move you to somewhere better. Leastways it worked for us when we saw Barry Manilow. Trouble is, the smell of that man next to us is still in my nostils eight years later. Yuk.

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