It's a Homemade, Handmade Christmas This Year

Thursday, November 08, 2007
Yes, it's true that I'm not a religious person but my family still exchanges gifts and eats a huge turkey dinner in late December. And yes we put up a tree with the trimmings. Frankly none of those things strikes me as religious but I suppose you could say we "celebrate" Christmas.

Inspired by SP over at Whoville, my Christmas this year will be a Homemade/Handmade one. There's more than one reason behind this. Number one, I'm a bit on the broke side this holiday season so unfortunately, there will be no Amazon gift certificates or parcels for my bloggie buddies. Sorry guys, I know you're all VERY disappointed but that's the way the bank account balances. You will, however, be blessed by receiving a fabulous holiday card from yours truly. Calm down everyone!!!! No need to get so excited! I know it's a thrill but let's put things into perspective.

Secondly, I hate the commercialism not only this holiday but every holiday seems to embrace. Everywhere you turn, we're told to buy the right gift, wear the right holiday clothes, decorate with the best decorations, and generally try to outdo your neighbours. Honestly I'm sick of it. I remember when I used to, as a youngster, whip out the Nana Mouskouri record (now CD) in July. Now that that's when the stores start putting out the Christmas inspired decorations etc, by the time December rolls around, I'm ready for it to be over. As such, with the exception of some baking necessities and a reusable gift bag or two, I will NOT be giving major discount chain retailers my custom (however, I've already purchased two items for mom's birthday on Amazon...). Therefore, I give you my "shopping" list:

MOM (Birthday) - book and DVD
MOM - homemade knitted shawl
Stepmom - locally made ceramic tea pot or cups
Niece/nephew - LUSH bathbombs and farmer's market "play-dough"
Dad - homemade skull scarf (not sure if he'll wear it but he'll get a kick out of it)
Family friend - homemade skull scarf


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well good for you. Our family doesn't really exchange gifts anymore (we have implemented a pictures only Christmas policy), but a handmade gift is a true joy.

(I believe cookies are also still accepted in our family.)

sp said...

The list is great.
Being in a retail work environment right now it always stuns me how much people buy (how much junk) and how much people are willing to spend, pulling out the plastic to pay for it with jokes about debt or their signif other taking the card away.

Jocelyn said...

Nana Mouskouri! That takes me back. Whew.

Our family has done more and more "donation in the honor of..." type of gifts lately. I do it for Christmas and birthdays and FINCA, to Women for Women International, to Namaste Direct. Then send a nice letter to the honoree.

SME said...

Ah, Lush bathbombs...where would stockings be without them?! :D

Avid Andy said...

lush bathbombs? is that a canadian thing?

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