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Sunday, November 18, 2007
Warning! Lots of spoilers but then if you're reading this you've probably already seen the first season anyways so it won't matter...

Disc 3 of season 1 arrived earlier this week and I've made it through three episodes. Holy smokes! I can't believe how much happens in just one episode let alone three!! Oh my goodness! Sayid (sigh) left the beach after torturing Sawyer. He ends up getting "captured" and tortured himself by a woman who turns out to be Danielle Rousseau, the women on the beacon the crash survivors had heard on the transmission. We learn that she was stranded on the island along with her husband after their research ship struck rocks. Sayid begins to wonder about her sanity when she starts talking about hearing the "others" whisper in the jungle, although she's never seen them. She also tells him that she killed her son (and her husband) when they got sick... We also learn about the woman in the picture Sayid carries around with him - wow.

More insight into Jack's father issues.

Claire starts having what everyone assumes are nightmares. After she claims someone was trying to poke her with a needle and hurt her baby, she decides to leave the caves and head back to the beach as she feels unsafe. Not to mention, Jack thinks her hormones are going crazy and it's all in her head. Well, doesn't he feel just a tad bit silly now. Hurley (not his real name), who built the gang a golf course, decides to take a census of the survivors as no one knows anything about anyone else. Sawyer, in a weird change of heart, gives him the flight's manifest/passenger list without asking for anything in return. Charlie tags along, hoping to convince her to come back when she starts having contractions. Meanwhile the rest of the gang discover one of the group's names doesn't appear on the passenger list - Ethan Rom...hmmm. I thought it was hilarious when he said his last name was ROM and he was from Canada. Was I the only one? You just knew something was up. Ethan kidnaps Claire and Charlie, running off into the jungle with them but the Locke and Jack are in hot pursuit!

I don't know if my blood pressure can take much more! If this is just the first season and there's this much excitement, I can only imagine how much better it's going to get!


Sheamus the... said...

OH MAN!!!!!! Now I know how you feel when you see that Adam and I have posted on new Aline and predator news. MMmmmmm...can't wait for this to hit the air again.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I've seen all three seasons and yes it gets much better. (And I have a wicked crush on the gal who plays the mysterious French woman.)

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