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Saturday, November 10, 2007
I'm feeling like a bad blogger. I haven't had the mental energy to write about anything and there's been a LOT going on in the world: flooding in Mexico, volcanoes in Indonesia, WTF in Pakistan, politics in general. Perhaps it's because tomorrow is Remembrance Day here in Canada and I've been thinking all week about my mother's parents. It seems like more than that but I'm sure that's part of it. As such, I'm going to spend the weekend, just like fellow blogger Wandering Coyote, in my jammies and watching television.

Speaking of television, tonight I'm watching the latest episode of Project Runway Canada. I missed the first two episodes as I didn't think it would measure up to the American version with Heidi Klum. That Tim Gunn...he's so fabulous. When I did sit down and finally watch an episode, Iman (the Canadian version host - now THAT's a SUPER model!) struck me as quite bitchy and I debated whether I'd watch a second. Boy am I glad that I did. Iman's true supermodel attitude, frankness, and honesty really make this show entertaining. Unlike Klum, she's not about to pull any punches to spare the designers' feelings. Sure the designers aren't as interesting as the ones on the US version seem to be and Brian Bailey, the "mentor" is no Tim Gunn. Perhaps they should combine the two and ditch Klum. Now that would be entertaining. And is it just me, or is Iman really one of THE most beautiful women you've ever seen? Sure, she's a bit on the super-skinny side (someone give this woman a box of donuts please) but she's absolutely striking.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I never knew they had a Canadian version of my favorite "reality" show. Now I feel cheated that you are able to watch both while I only get the US version. Who should I speak to about getting the Canadian version down here? Your Prime Minister? (Neat blog, I found you through Tanya E.)

Karen said...

Hey there Dr. Monkerstein!!! I've seen your comments on both Barbara's and Tanya's blogs. Thank you so much for visiting. As for our version of PR, I believe you can view episodes (or at least recaps and clips) online. Check out the link to the website in the post.

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