Wake Up Call

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
I am shocked to discover that I actually enjoy a Maroon 5 song. I must be coming down with something...

I swear that's Jeremy Sisto getting shot at the beginning.

I'm also digging this collaboration between Carlos Santana and Alberta-boy Chad Kroeger ...

And just because that doesn't give me quite enough Canadian Content ... Jully Black is super awesome in my book.

Not only does she have a voice to die for but she's also smokin' hot. I think I have a new girl crush. Something about her reminds me of a young Tina Turner ...

Hey Barb!!! Look at me, I posted something about music!!! Yes, I'm behind the times but still...I get credit for this one right?


scout said...

wow....three new tunes for me. i'm always behind the times now.

i liked the maroon 5 tune, though the lyrics lacked a bit in variation.

who can beat carlos santana's guitar playing? he did a crack up job on a not too bad tune but i'm wondering why they doubled the vocalist's singing. was it just for the one song or does he have a weak voice they always tweak?

july black. i'll go to youtube and see if i can find other samples. the song here didn't give credence to her voice with the delayed repetition. she is hot for sure. didn't like the song.

haha, aren't i the critic? :D

Red said...

No! No credit for you! (Soup Nazi-stylee)

Maroon Effing 5?! Karen, don't make me come over to Edmonton and slap you like a bitch, please!

That dude who sings with them, he thinks he's so hot, he's just a weedy-ass kiss'n'tell lover. A few weeks back he was going on about how some Russian tennis player or other that he slept with wasn't grunting as much in bed as she does on the courts. Hey, skinny boy, maybe it's because you're as crap a lover as you are a singer, eh?

I'll make you a mix CD of Avenged Sevenfold and you must listen to it three times a day on an empty stomach. Repent! REPENT!!!

Karen said...

Scout: Chad Kroeger, lead singer of Nickelback, is certainly not the most talented singer (or songwriter) but you're right - it's all about Santana's playing. He's amazing! As for Jully Black, you could also try "Sweat of Your Brow" the first song I ever heard her do. She was on CBC Radio's Q with Jian Gomeshi recently and blew me away.

Red: I know! That's why I was so shocked that I actually LIKED this song. A new mixed CD???? Ooooh, now I'm excited. Is this the same band with that cutie-patootie in the hat you like so much?

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