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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Not a whole lot to say right now as there's not much happening - keeping busy with knitting mom's present. Looking at it this morning, it should be done in about a week, well before Christmas. Whew! That is providing I don't screw up like I did yesterday and almost ruin all my hardwork. I have to learn to pay more attention... Other than that, I'm keeping busy planning what to serve for Christmas Eve lunch and figure out if I can afford to buy something small for my brother and sister in law. I hadn't planned on it originally but now that the holidays are almost here, it just seems wrong not to. I have an idea for Dave but not sure for Chandra. Hmmm, she's a toughie although she'd like just about anything. Oooooh! I just had a great idea - she's a tea drinker and there's a fabulous tea store just a few blocks from my house. Done. That I can afford and it'll be about the same amount that I'm going to spend on the brother and my mother in law. Whew. Thanks for helping me out by reading this!

The only other thing at the moment is reading. I've been stressing about what I want to read next for the Winter Challenge. I could pick up War and Peace again but it's making me feel ... meh. It's certainly no Crime and Punishment. The list I wrote below? Again...meh. I love to plan but when it comes to books, I really have to be in the mood for it. I've requested a book on the history of beans from one of the university libraries but it'll take a few days to get here. I had then considered hitting the used book store in hopes of picking up some cheap, cheesy fiction but alas, that's money I could be using for the gifts above so I decided to pass. I could also raid my brother's house as they have two full walls full of built in shelves overflowing with books of all kinds. While I was considering this, I glanced at my TV stand where I stack my books. I noticed the copy of The Meaning of Night which I had bought earlier in the summer. What the hell, I thought. I'll give it a try. Mister Anchovy had mentioned that he'd probably read it for the reading challenge as well so at least I'd have someone to discuss it with (or complain to if I didn't like it). Set in Victorian England, it's a story of revenge and murder that took it's author 30 years to write. And much to my surprise, I was hooked after reading the first line: "After killing the red-haired man, I took myself off to Quinn’s for an oyster supper." Awesome. I'll keep you updated.


Pokecheck said...

Well that one just got added to my to-read list.

Gardenia said...

I need to get my reading list posted up as well, and like you, I think it might change a bit. Its hard right now with getting ready for Christmas. I had a stash of books that someone gave me which look worth reading.

The tea gift sounds nice - lots of time tea drinkers won't spend the money to get some of the fancier teas and they are so appreciated.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hey I've been to one of those Steeps stores in Edmonton! They do have lovely tea.

scout said...

'...i too mself off to quinn's for an oyster supper'. hmmm, sex and murder, wait, make that murder then randyness....something to that effect. t'will be interesting to hear about this one :D

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