Michael Moore's SICKO (2007)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007
The Boxing Day*** film fest has begun. It's only 8:45 and already I've watched one film, eaten some pizza and had a few cheezie pooofs. Mmm, breakfast of champions.

First on my list today was Michael Moore's latest documentary Sicko. I'm not going to do a full review of the film as many of you have already seen it and there have been numerous reviews already. I will offer my two cents worth though. I freely admit that within 5 minutes this movie had me in tears and I cried openly for the next two hours. Many of us here in Canada take our provincial health care systems for granted - we bitch and complain, sometimes with good reason, sometimes not - but we should all be thankful that we've got it pretty good. Not as good as France apparently but generally speaking, we're well off. God forbid you get sick or injured in the US where a simple doctor's checkup will cost you hundreds of dollars. Even Cuba, a supposed third world country, one of the enemies of America run by "Lucifer" himself, offers free health care to all (citizens or not) as well as extremely affordable medications. America is supposed to be the greatest country in the world (cough cough....um, I have a cold...yeah that's it...a cold). Why is it that the French, Canadians, English, Cuba, and dozens of other industrialized nations are able to provide far SUPERIOR medical care for FREE to it's citizens but the richest nation on earth cannot (or will not).

There were a couple of comments around the middle section of the film (dealing with health care in France and the UK) which really stuck in my mind. When interviewing a group of Americans living in France, one of them commented that the government there was afraid of it's citizens and that in America, it's the citizenry that's afraid of the government. Also, Moore interviewed a former MP (I believe...) in the UK who talked about, and I apologize for probably not getting this exactly right, how the government keeps those in greatest need in that position because by not offering them a way out, they continue to be in debt and therefore more demoralized. They're less likely to vote and try to change the system because of this. Again, that's likely not exactly correct but it gives you an idea of what they were discussing.

In a Democracy, the government should be afraid of the populace. We're the ones, supposedly, that give them their power (except in the case of Bush and Florida but that's another issue), and they should be doing what we want them to do. I urge everyone out there who doesn't have health coverage to write to their congress-person, senators, president, etc and demand it. It's your right.

You can be guaranteed that I will not be trashing our health care system here anymore without a rocksolid reason any time soon. I'm instead counting my blessings that my employer provides me with drug/dental coverage and that Tommy Douglas took a chance with socialized medicine that worked so I never have to pay to see my doctor, a specialist, or have tests done.

I'll admit that Moore's documentary is likely biased to help promote his message but even if it is, America and it's citizens are still in serious trouble when it comes to their healthcare.

*** Yesterday, my neice asked her mom what Boxing Day was. Her mother responded by telling her it was the day where she and her brother had to put the empty present boxes on their heads and hit each other all day. God I love being part of this family.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I always thought that Boxing Day was when there was a big world championship boxing match on tv. The fact that we never saw any evidence of this match did nothing to faze my belief.

kelly said...

What exactly is boxing day for? Pizza and cheezies for breakfast huh?....delightful.

Michael Moore is definately biased and he does not tell the whole story, he tells what suits his films. However he does reveal a lot of very important issues.

Take care and enjoy your holidays

Avid Andy said...

you can find horror stories with any system. on this side we hear about long waits and the govt deciding what you can have done. i'm thankful that my employer provides health insurance for me as well. i don't pay for check-ups...medical, vision or dental. i don't know anyone that does. if i have to have more serious things done my insurance will pay a portion of it and i will pay some out of pocket. this year we were able to have health savings accounts. conrtibute tax free and it is invested in a mutual fund so it grows. it will follow me for life even if i change employers. i wouldn't judge the american system of health care based on a michael moore "documentary"

a government that is big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything away.

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