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Sunday, December 30, 2007
Tried to watch Balls of Fury - think Blood Sport with table tennis. Yeah, it WAS that bad. Then there was the documentary, Black Gold, about coffee but it wasn't very well made and turned it off too. 28 Weeks Later? Didn't last 28 minutes. I'm going to try and watch Fido later. It's not been a good weekend movie wise though... Anyone have any recommendations for a good documentary or flick to watch?


Jocelyn said...

I could write reams of recommendations, but I have to say my current favorite DVD watches are tv shows, usually from HBO or Showtime. For example, if you've not watched THE WIRE, that would be one. I could make a case for that being the best tv show ever, in terms of writing, casting, and the cumulative effect of four seasons.

I also love BIG LOVE on DVD--who doesn't love Mormon polygamy in the suburbs?

If you're really wanting a strict documentary, try BROTHER'S KEEPER or PARADISE LOST by Berlinger and Sinofsky. Gripping small-town tragedies, those.

Sorry I haven't visited in awhile. It's been hard to find time to get around...but your new avatar photo is faboooolous.

Jocelyn said...

...oh, and have you ever watched the whole 7-Up, 14-Up...all the way through the latest, 49-Up, series of documentaries by Michael Apted. They are amazing. Amazing.

Pokecheck said...

A "My Name is Earl" marathon cures everything.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Eastern Promises is actually very good - far far better than A History of Violence. Walk Hard is pretty damned funny, but you have to go out to see it.

Happy New Year!

sp said...

There's a fabulous documentary called "Rivers and Tides" about an artist and his work and that's all I'll say. I found it very moving.

My sister and mom are hooked on the Wire. I can never get through a phone conversation with my mother now without her mentioning that show. It does sound good. I'm going to search it out in the new year.

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