Now I'm Worried

Friday, December 07, 2007
It seems that the jury in the Robert Pickton trial, which started deliberating recently, are having some problems. There have been questions to the judge, a halt in deliberations, and now admissions by the judge that he made mistakes in his instructions to the jury. Pickton, you may remember, has been charged with the murders of 26 women in British Columbia although there are some indications that he may have been involved with the disappearance of up to 50 women.

This trial (it's been split in two) is the strongest and he's being tried for six of the women's murders. I'm guessing that if he's not convicted on these charges, the likelihood of him doing time on the murders for the other women are not great. I'm hoping that the current issues the jury is having is merely clarification of legal issues and not an indication that it could result in a hung jury.


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