Pickton Verdict Announced

Sunday, December 09, 2007
Guilty of 2nd degree murder on all six counts.


Gardenia said...

Hopefully this demon from hell will never see the daylight again, ever. How many others like him are out there?

Karen said...

I believe sentencing and victim impact statements are scheduled for Tuesday. From the sounds of it, it'll likely be that he gets 6 life sentences (in Canada I think life sentence=25 years) or as little as 10 years for each count. Hopefully this will be consecutive. It's also widely agreed that even if the jury/judge recommends he eventually be eligible to apply for parole, like Manson and others, he won't be released. One positive? Apparently Pickton's health is not great so even if he was to serve just one 25 year sentence, chances are he'll never see freedom again.

Unfortunately, there are others out there. Here in Edmonton, someone has been, like Pickton, murdering prostitutes for more than 10 years. Each one has been dumped in various farmers fields around the outskirts of the city and it's suburbs. One man (Thomas Svekla) has been arrested and charged with the murder of1 woman working in the sex trade but there's no indication that he has any connection to the other women. And this is just one city, in one province, in one country... what about all the others we DON'T know about?

sp said...

This is the first I've heard of the verdict. I'm relieved because I knew it had to go this way. There seemed no other outcome after the judge changed the wording on how to find Pickton guilty or not guilty.

I'm relieved it's over for the families (in a way) but it's funny how I don't feel better. I find it so completely horrific that so many women could disappear without anyone with any amount of authority caring enough to act sooner.

I've heard about the serial killer around Edmonton. You're dead on to ask about what about the numerous others we don't know about or are yet to know about.

scout said...

at least they got ONE of the offenders. yuck, hard to even look at his picture.

surely it's time to legalize prostitution in vancouver and other places. i was standing on a corner once and saw a young hooker get into a car. i took down the licesnse plate number and description. then i went over to the other side of the street where an older hooker was (middle aged). i gave her the plate number and description and said, 'you have to help take care of each other. be savvy'.

she thanked me. i smiled and walked away but really, i was very peeved she hadn't done this.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You have to wonder how the families of these women feel, knowing that their murders were considered to be 2nd degree. They certainly sounded planned and premeditated to me. Although I guess with the other 20 charges yet to be heard, the important thing is that he was stopped.

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