Plans for the Holidays

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Ok, I think I've got my three days off next week all planned out (I'm not counting the weekend as it will be full of things like cleaning, buying groceries, laundry, and preparing for the big day). Here goes:

Christmas Eve
I'm hosting lunch - finger food, nibbley stuff - cheese, veggies, crackers, dips, spring rolls. Easy to eat, prepare and clean up. The evening is all mine. I'll be relaxing in my jammies watching tv/reading/playing with kitties.

Christmas Day
Big family breakfast at brothers (he's offered to make pancakes and bacon). Then it's opening presents and an early (4ish?) turkey dinner with family and friends, a rousing game of cards - something from CheapAss Games no doubt. You'll remember earlier this year we played Lord of the Fries. After that, I'll take a plate of food to mom who's working the evening shift on Xmas day, and then home to feed the cats tuna (they don't like turkey) and early to bed.

Boxing Day
Nothing. This is a "ME" day. I'll be making pizza, drinking soda (yes even for breakfast unless I have leftovers then it's a hot turkey sandwich), and watching movies. I've already got the lineup ready to go. I'll be spending the entire day watching The Simpsons Movie, Shrek the Third, Sicko, Alien 3, and one other movie yet to be determined. Perhaps the Devil Wears Prada or Jesus Camp. I'm not going to get dressed alllllll day! I'll eventually have a bath and read for about an hour while I soak but that's the extent of my effort.

December 27th
Back to work. Ugggggh.

What are your plans?


Pokecheck said...

Soda for breakfast? You're a mad woman! Mad!

My holidays, generally, won't be too different from yours. A lot of pajamas and movies, a little family, enjoying not being at work for a bit.

Oh - and drinking. There will be alcohol.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That is a pile o' movies in one day, missy! We may do our annual pyjama on boxing day as well, but I think we will be concentrating on the Office (UK) and rewatching things like Shaun of the Dead and My Beautiful Laundrette.

It's going to be grand. Much leftover turkey.

Heather said...

No plans here - just lolling around.

Thanks for the Christmas card! It is beautiful!

SME said...

PJs and movies - sounds good to me!
I still haven't seen The Simpsons Movie or Shrek the Third, but I did see Jesus Camp and it was...well, disturbing (not as disturbing as the doc "Hell House", tho).

I can't believe your guys don't like turkey! Sophie isn't all that keen on rabbit food. Funny critters.

Avid Andy said...

what is boxing day?

Gardenia said...

Sounds wonderful to me! Really wonderful! Aren't those long weekends nice!

Milla said...

Andy, Boxing Day is Dec 26th.

My plans: sleep a lot and eat a lot and visit family, for two weeks.
Ah, you only want to know about the Xmas days? Sleep a lot and eat a lot and visit family. Niceeeee

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Sounds like fun, especially Boxing Day.

sp said...

Christmas Eve day - work
Christmas Eve - make ravioli dinner and have friends over.
Christmas Day - sleep in and cook with db.
Boxing Day - trip to Nanaimo (travel = lots of reading & snack time) to see my (step)dad where we'll eat more food.

Have a great holiday. It sounds like a lot of fun.

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