Promise Breaker

Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Yep, that's me. I got dressed today. And I left the house. And I went shopping. Bad girl. And of course, what did I go out for? Books. I need another book like I need a kick in the ass. Actually a kick in the ass might really do me some good now and then...

The pile of books to be read is growing. I've got three sitting there, two of which are gifts from the fabulous Red and *(Asterisk). Plus, my lovely mother gave me The Bonesetter's Daughter as a Christmas present (it was on the list she asked for before Xmas). I also ordered two books from the library as the book on the history of beans I wanted is no longer available. I've been reading almost ALL fiction this month and frankly my brain needed a break. So, I requested Life Along the Silk Road (AGAIN!) which I've wanted to read ever since Coyote reviewed it, and Coal: A Human History).

Rather than traipsing all over the downtown (and it looked like Audrey's was closed), I popped into Coles (ick, ugh, yuck). I'd like to say it was because their history section was picked over but it wasn't - they had crap in their history section. Lots of books on modern US politics and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and almost nothing else. I was tempted to pick up a book regarding the Franklin expedition which I may have to go back and get (or order through Audrey's...yeah that's a better idea) when another hidden treasure caught my eye. I ended up walking away with The History of Mistresses by Elizabeth Abbott.

I'm currently finishing up The Light Fantastic (another Pratchett Disc World book) and then diving into my new purchase. Still reading The Meaning of Night which I'm supposed to review with fellow reading challenge contributor Mr. Anchovy once I'm done but I'm finding it just a tad too long. Don't get me wrong, it's a very good book but ... we'll see.

So my fellow bloggies, was Santa Claus good to everyone? Or were you NAUGHTY? Remember, that's not always a bad thing. I ended up with a some clothes courtesy of my dad and his wife, a couple of great 8x10s of the Tom Jones Speedo shot and the disco King to decorate my office (thanks to Brother and wife), a pair of the softest socks I've ever touched, and the previously mentioned book. That's in addition to the fabulous cookies from Coyote and some other assorted goodies. I hope the fat guy was just as good to you, or better. May you all have health, happiness, and a hell of a lot of fun in the new year!


Sheamus the... said...

Looks like this little matey got something in the mail...THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

He would look much better with my head on his body. Happy Boxing Day my friend.

Red said...

Sounds like you were a good kid in 2007 and were handsomely rewarded!

My booty was rather limited this year, but then we always knew it was going to be an austerity-bound Christmas. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway: a matter of economy, not one of me being naughty!

Gardenia said...

If Tom is in that good of shape still, I want the name of his doctor(s)!

I just ordered a bunch of books too - well, five to be exact. Over on the Barnes and Noble site there is quite a sale - the five added up to $21 - I think I might go back and check out Life along the Silk Road and see how much it is.....

have fun!

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