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Sunday, December 09, 2007
Further to the post below, I had sent MEC an email about the report in the Globe and Mail and on CBC Radio. Here's there response:

Hello Captain,
Thank you for your inquiry.
Effective December 5th, MEC has stopped selling most of the polycarbonate products that we carry, including food containers and water bottles. This action includes many but not all of the Nalgene products that MEC has sold. We have only stopped selling the polycarbonate Nalgene containers. Nalgenealso sells containers made from other plastics such as high density polyethylene (HDPE).
To determine if your bottle/container is made from polycarbonate plastic, check the recycling code number on the bottom of the container.Polycarbonates are #7 plastic.
MEC's decision to discontinue the sale of polycarbonate products stems from the inconclusive science and regulatory uncertainty that presently surrounds bisphenol-A. All polycarbonates contain bisphenol-A (BPA).
MEC has stopped selling polycarbonate water bottles and food containersuntil guidance is provided by the Government of Canada on the health risks posed by BPA. Specifically, MEC's deliberations on this matter will beguided by the risk assessment of BPA that is currently underway through the federal government's Chemicals Management Plan. Our decision to discontinue the sale of polycarbonate products is precautionary--it should not be taken as an indication that these products are proven to be unsafe.
We currently do not have plans to post on mec.ca any information related to our decision not to sell these products. This decision is primarily basedupon a technical concern related to making site changes during a peak traffic time.
I hope that I have answered your questions.
"H" @ MEC Service Centre

I'm curious as to the reaction of all the people who have bought the Nalgene bottles (mine were #7's...) recently or in the past to this, for lack of a better word - recall. Do we get our money back? Not likely...


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