Sexier Men of the Year

Saturday, December 01, 2007
As many of you may be aware (or perhaps, like me, you don't really care), People magazine named Matt Damon the "Sexiest Man Alive". Meh. Sure he's attractive but he's certainly not the sexiest dude out there. agrees with me. Seems they recently put out a list of five men whom they think are sexier than Matt Damon. And who should top their list? None other my fellow Edmontonian, Nathan Fillion. Take that Hollywood.


Red said...

This Nathan dude looks alright... a bit Sean Bean-y for me, but hey, I'll support a decent-looking Edmontonian man over Matt Damon any day of the week.

But... but... Adrian Brody at number five?! Gag, vomit, spit, gargle. Is there a less sexy man anywhere in the world? And where is my tattooed cootie-patootie Synyster Gates, pray tell?!

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