Back Amongst the Living (aka Not Quite Dead)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Hello world. I see you didn't end while yer captain was incapacitated. Rest assured I have not sailed off the edge of the earth as some of you may have assumed, rather I was sidelined by some strange tropical disease I seem to have picked up along the Swiftsure's journeys.

I was able to get in to see my doctor yesterday (much to my surprise!) and he declared it to be the flu (a rare form of beri-beri no doubt!) and not food poisoning. Guess I can let the ship's cook out of the stocks then. That was Thursday and Friday, when I finally stopped vomitting, and I've been dehydrated ever since. Not surprising considering I couldn't keep water, juice, or gingerale down for longer than 30 minutes. The fact that I wasn't able to pee for about 8 hours...yeah, that should have been some sort of clue too. This had to be one of the worst bouts of illness I've had in years. I'll spare you the details as some were quite gross, embarassing, and just thinking about it makes me nauseous again. I've started back on solid foods, somewhat, although I have no appetite whatsoever and no desire for food (there's an upside to everything I suppose). The dehydration has left me very weak, tired, and my head is still wonky (I like that my doctor understands my highly technical descriptions of my symptoms!). I've been ordered to have a couple of bottles of one of the sports drinks out there (I went for the Cherry flavoured Powerade which was suprisingly less gross than expected). This should help replace electrolytes and help hydrate me. Dr. H was kind enough to also instruct me to stay home today as well in order to recooperate more fully and drink, drink, drink. Tomorrow it's back to work I should be back to normal, relatively speaking.

A big THANK YOU to my mother (who doesn't know what a "blog" is and therefore doesn't read this). Three out of four days she showed up at my house with a bag or two of groceries: juice, soup, crackers, bananas, etc. On Sunday, she even stayed long enough to throw out my garbage, do my dishes, and help make soup. She's fan-tab-u-lous. The cats too were a huge help. Normally, as many of you know, they bounce off my head starting anytime from 2 am onwards until I drag my butt out of bed. For two days straight (I'm guessing as there was about 10-12 hours I can't remember at all), Nero avoided me and Anubis simply lay quietly stretched out beside my lifeless body. Even when Mom would pop in, he merely lifted his head for a quick scratch from her and then down he'd go again. They didn't even complain about the lack of food or the overflowing poop box until Saturday morning.

Ok, moving on. In between visits to bow down in suppliance before the almighty porcelain god, I managed to finish all but THREE episodes of the third season of Lost. I'll be finishing those off today. I don't know if it's because I'm delirious or it was the writers but....WTF is going on? !!!SPOILERS!!! John's dad shows up because of "the box", Sawyer kills him because surprise! surprise! he's the same guy who conned his mom that he's been searching for his whole life. Ben's history on the island. We learn how John lost the use of his legs, we learn about Jonah, Jack brings Juliette back to the camp, a helicopter crashes and some chick hired by Penny parachutes (is that even possible from a copter?) onto the island. Michail dies but doesn't die (and thank you thank you thank you writers for including Andrew Divoff into the cast - I've loved him ever since Another 48 Hours). It's all becoming too much. Alright, I can't think about that anymore right now. I dreamt about Lost while in a feverish state over the past few days...perhaps I imagined it all. A coworker and I were discussing Lost a while ago and I said to her that if this ends up being one of those "Dallas" situations where the series ends with Jack waking up as they land in Los Angeles...I'd have to seriously hurt someone.

I also managed to watch two documentaries on the oil crisis. The first was The End of Suburbia. Which provided an insight into the whole situation that I hadn't thought of. The effect of the rise of suburbs on the consumption of oil in America is probably the furthest thing from most of our minds but has a huge impact on the amount of oil/gas that we consume. Something to think about. It isn't the highest quality documentary but the point they're trying to get across is the important thing. Check it out, Captain Recommended. You can view a short clip by CLICKING HERE.

The second doc was How Cuba Survived Peak Oil. This short film was very similar in content to a two part series about Cuba which David Suzuki had done on The Nature of Things last year. It focuses on the changes Cubans have made to just about every aspect of their daily lives since the fall of the Soviet Union. Communal organic farming cooperatives, decentralizing universities, a return to a simpler way of life. While many of us think this would be a step backwards, it was a necessary step as there was simply no oil to continue life as they had grown accustomed to it. The changes they've made (doing away with petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides, reducing or eliminating commute times, etc) have all helped to free them (somewhat) from the dependence on oil North America is mired in. If you can, I'd recommend watching the Nature of Things documentary, Cuba: The Accidental Revolution, but if not, check out How Cuba Survived Peak Oil. Both will open your eyes and show you that there is life after oil...the question is what are we all willing to give up?


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Holy crap am I glad you are feeling better. I was worried about you. Three cheers to your mom, your cats, and to your doctor.

ems said...

Glad you're feeling a little better!

sp said...

Nice to see you at the helm again.

Can't mom's be wonderful? You're comment reminded me of when I sent an email out to friends and family notifying the launch of my blog, I got an email back from my mom that simply said "Dear sp, What's a blog? Do I have one?"

I love that email.

I'll look for the Cuba documentary. My brother-in-law studies liberation theology and went to Cuba to visit the small communities that have taken back the land. He learned a great deal. He also brought me a book on composting and organic gardening. It's in Spanish so I don't know how much I'll ever understand, but I thought it was a nice gesture on his part.

Milla said...

Glad you are back on your feet, and what a wonderful drawing you have for this post! I love it.

Gardenia said...

Sometimes I think I would welcome a more simple life. It would probably be very painful for us U.S. folks though until we adjusted. I remember a simpler way - but many don't.

Glad you are better - I had a flu shot, yet caught it, but it was not near as bad as yours. It was bad enough though so I can't imagine being as sick as you were. My cats too will lay with me patiently when I'm sick - aren't they cool?

I want to get caught up on the Lost series - as this next season sounds like something I need to see. I'm always behind because I don't often have a TV available to me - except in the dumb daytime hours -

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm glad to hear the rumours of your demise were premature. Welcome back.

Cats are the best nurses, aren't they? Mine slept by my side during my whole back injury thing. They love the excuse to sleep all day.

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