The Host (2006)

Thursday, January 03, 2008
Think Godzilla for the 21st century but so much better. The Host (Gwoemul) is a definate must see! A brief synopsis bastardized from

An American military base in Korea releases toxic chemicals in the drain to the Han River under the direct order of an arrogant coroner. Years later, a mutant squid monster leaves the water and starts to attack people on the side of the river. A young school girl, Park Hyun-seo, is carried off by the creature and vanishes into the river. While in quarantine for being in contact with the creature, her father receives a phone call from Hyun-seo telling that she is alive in a sewer somewhere near the river. When no one believes him, Gung-du and his family break out of the hospital they're confined in to find Hyun-seo and rescue her before the monster eventually eats her.

When Shea reviewed this back in March of 2007 (wow, has it been almost a year?) and Andy reviewed it in December, I figured it'd be an ok movie which I'd likely enjoy but not love. I was wrong. I LOVED IT. I'd classify it as a monster film but don't let that throw you off. As both of my fellow bloggers state in their reviews (go read them...go!), this isn't a scary movie. It certainly lacks the jump in your seat, cover your eyes, have a heart attack sort of horror movie that most of us have come to expect from most "horror" films.

As Andy stated in his review "What made this movie better than most is that it was dramatic, suspenseful, funny, and emotional without feeling disjointed. The different moods flowed together seamlessly." Shea's review reiterates Andy's feelings about the film "When looking up The Host on imdb and under the category of genre you will see that the film covers almost every type known to man. Sometimes you laugh, cry, fear, love, hate, and cheer. The genres are unforced in the script and placed so carefully within the characters themselves that it marries perfectly with an Asian monster movie."

The characters, at first, are annoying and hard to connect with (Andy felt an overwhelming urge to punch the main character at one point). However, as the story develops, the audience begins to relate with each of the family members and you begin to cheer them on. Well written, well acted, CGI was certainly better than Alien 3 and more enjoyable than watching one of the more recent Star Wars films. Another great example of how excellent non-Hollywood foreign films truly are.

This captain HIGHLY recommends it. Korean with English subtitles.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I love moives like this, I'll definitely see this one soon!

* (asterisk) said...

I've been tempted, though I feel Red won't be interested. I like Korean flicks; I like good monster flicks. Okay, I'll queue it!

Sheamus the... said...

I tip my hat. Glad you loved it. I love it too. Sharing the love. Thats what it means to be a blogger.

Avid Andy said...

glad you enjoyed it!

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