Mmm, day one.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008
1st day of the new year, 1st day of the month of veggie-ness. So far so good. I had a craving for pancakes this morning so I decided to try making apple-cinammon pancakes. Doesn't that sound good? Mmmm. Doesn't it look good, too? That's my new Sigg water bottle in the background (part of my Christmas present to myself). Despite my good intentions and the delicious sound of saying "apple cinnamon pancakes" it did not turn out so well. I don't know what it was, certainly too much cinnamon but there was something else which I couldn't put my finer on. I didn't finish them.

Lunch was four bean salad (oh god how I love that) and a couple of veggie spring rolls. Mmmmm delicious. Sorry no picture. I ate it too fast.

Dinner was steamed baby carrots with dill and parmesan cheese (thank you to David Rocco for the recipe for Tommaso's Carrots), broccoli with a cheesy/mustard sauce (the sauce was good, I've decided though that I'm not too fond of broccoli - should have had brussels sprouts), and mashed potatoes with a mushroom soup gravy. I sauteed some onions then threw in some balsamic vinegar to get the burnt bits off the bottom of the pan (what's that called?). When that reduced a bit, I threw in the mushroom soup and a bit of corn for good measure. Oh my goodness it was yummy. Everyone knows I hate mushrooms but I like mushroom soup when it's used as a gravy...why didn't I think of using the balsamic vinegar earlier???

Watched Jesus Camp today. Ok, I watched most of it. I had to turn it off. Am I the only one who was scared? Phrases like "We have the truth", "This is war" and "Science doesn't prove anything" had me hiding in the closet with a big knife, a sacrificial tofu-chicken, and an inverted pentagram. I have no problem with Christians in general (yes I have my own issues with all organized religions but am generally pretty accepting/tolerant, at least I think so). There's something about evangelicals though that just seems....wrong. Please don't bother with the hate mail. If there is a God, and he's the vengeful god some of you think he is, I've already guaranteed my spot in hell years ago. Thanks for thinking of me though.

I also watched Return to the House on Haunted Hill. Not as good as the first one, still a bit creepy. Certainly not as bloody as the 1999 movie. I'm tempted to watch the original with Vincent Price to compare. Would I recommend it? Hmmm. Tough one. If you saw the 1999 movie and enjoyed it (Famke Janssen and Geoffrey Rush!), even remotely, give it a shot. Otherwise probably skip it. You're not missing anything.


Red said...

I will post the pics and recipe of the lentil casserole later, if I get time. I made it with sausages, but it's easy enough to skip that step. It was delicious, too!

mister anchovy said...

I think that using a liquid (usually wine - I've never used balsamic vinegar for this) to get the tasty bits off the bottom of the pan is called deglasing.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've been wanting to watch Jesus Camp myself, but have been a little fearful that it's going to be uber-scary. I guess I was right to think that.

sp said...

The food looks delicious. Yum. Mushroom based gravy is divine.

The film sounds like it would give me nightmares (Jesus Camp not Return to).

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