Top Gun - Canadian Style

Saturday, January 05, 2008
Discovery Channel Canada will be airing an 8 part series, entitled Jet Stream, beginning Tuesday January 8th (check local listings for air times). Shot at my home town (the closest thing I have to one) of 4 Wing - Cold Lake, Alberta, according to CTV Media, it will "follow the seven elite members of the Canadian Air Force’s “Class of 2006” who have been selected to learn to fly one of the most advanced supersonic tactical fighter jets in the world: the $35-millon dollar CF-18 Hornet. Over the course of eight months – from the first day of classes to graduation – join these seven hand-picked pilots as they progress from the multi-million dollar flight simulator to the adrenaline-charged first solo flight and the complex war games that complete their training and battle-readiness. As aeronautic technology and tactics continue to evolve, these students must excel not only as pilots, but also as engineers, strategists and weapons experts."

I won't be watching but thought I'd give it a plug anyways. Also, Slice will start airing season 4 of Project Runway (the US Version with Heidi Klum) on Monday, January 7th.


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