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Friday, February 29, 2008
The Shock Doctrine will be going back to the library. I just can’t do it at the moment. Despite my desire to read it, and the very strong recommendations by both Wandering Coyote and Dr. Monkey, my brain, body and soul just can’t take it at the moment. From what I’ve managed to read so far, I’ve learned a great deal and feel this is an important read. As I mentioned previously, if it was my own copy, I’d just set it aside and pick it up later but since it’s from the library, I might as well just return it. However, I’m noting where I am and will order it again in a few months. Or who knows, I might just go out and buy myself a copy. For those of you who’ve Klein’s No Logo, is it as dark a read???

Still on the subject of books, Tweetey is the winner of the Winter Reading Challenge gift certificate. Congratulations to her, I’m sure she’ll put her gift certificate to good use! Now that the challenge is over, many of us are moving on over to Dr. Monkey’s Spring Reading Challenge. Check it out!

I’ve started on my first book of the Spring Challenge – Jude the Obscure. And I’m hooked. Looking forward to cracking it open at every chance I get. Tonight might have to be a bath night to ensure some extra, uninterrupted reading time! I’ve also picked up (yes I bought!) a copy of Elizabeth Abbott’s Sugar: A Bittersweet History. You might remember she wrote A History of Mistresses which I read earlier and loved! If the bookstore had had a copy of her A History of Celibacy, I would have grabbed it too. Luckily for me (and my wallet) they didn’t have one. I might have to order one…

Speaking of ordering … I called Audrey’s with the intention of ordering a copy of Dostoyevsky’s The Double and The Gambler. I squealed with delight (oh indeed I squealed, right into the phone!) when the clerk told me they had the specific edition I wanted in stock! The clerk actually giggled as he put me on hold. This is what I love about small, independent book sellers. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Amazon and use them on a regular basis (damn them and their big discounts and free shipping!) but try going into an actual big chain store (such as Chapters or Coles) and ask the pimply faced teenage clerk if they have anything by Dostoyevsky in stock. Or any other author who hasn’t appeared on Oprah or doesn’t currently have a novel in the top 10 bestsellers’ lists. Chances are you’ll be greeted by blank stares or rolling eyes. They don’t (for the most part) care about books the way an independent seller and their small, dedicated staff does. They don’t have to necessarily look up on a computer to see if they have something in stock, they KNOW books, they know authors, they’re aware of obscure volumes, classic literature, and the latest Oprah Bookclub picks. It’s their bread and butter. Sigh. I love them.

Since I’ve picked up the copy of Sugar, I’m going to have to adjust my reading list for the Spring. Hmmm, perhaps rather than putting down a solid, definite list, I’ll just wing it for the time being. That’s allowed, right? Book lovers are a fickle lot, after all.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Tsk, tsk, shame on you for not finishing The Shock Doctrine. It does end well by the way. No Logo is not nearly as dark.

Wandering Coyote said...

I lent out my copy of The Shock Doctrine to my brother, otherwise I'd send it along to you. I doubt he's finished with it yet because he's pretty busy with school...

Gardenia said...

I'm glad to hear the challenge goes forth - although I've been terribly neglectful of the winter one, although I 've been reading. I have three books going now and I getting confused so I need to slow down and work on them one at a time. Need to get my list together, organize myself, and start over for spring! Or summer. I'm not even sure what season we are in. Well, its green and blooming here so I guess that's an understandable confusion -

SME said...

The same thing happened to me with Shock's just too much right now, and I'll need to take it very slowly.
You can borrow my copy in April if you'd like!

I loooove Jude. The first time I read it I couldn't leave it alone, either...I'd sneak peeks at work, take it everywhere, stay up late to read just a few more pages. I could relate so strongly to those characters, it's not even funny.

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