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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Where to start…

Let’s start with provincial politics. It was announced that there will be a leader’s debate scheduled for Thursday February 21st. Now, it’s bad enough that they scheduled this on the same day AND time as the upcoming Democratic debate in the US but it seems that only four of the five major party leaders are being invited…that includes the New Democrats (Brian Mason), the Conservatives (Ed Stelmach), the Liberals (Kevin Taft) and the Wildrose (???). No Green Party. Excuse me? Considering that two of the major issues for Albertans right now are carbon emissions and the possibility of a nuclear power plant in northern Alberta, you’d think the Green Party would be one of the very first parties to be included. At least ahead of the Wildrose (Alliance) party. This to me is unacceptable. If you’re having a “Leaders’ Debate” you should include the leaders of all parties running. If that means having a rep for the Communist party, the Marxist-Leninists, the Rainbows, the Marijuanas, etc, then so be it. This is a democracy after all or at least the last time I checked. Ooooh wait, perhaps it’s because the PC’s and the Liberals, and to a smaller extent the ND’s, so called “environmental” plans do little if anything to help the environment. They’re more window dressing than actual plans. Sad.

And then there’s the federal idiots politicians. I’m so disappointed in the Liberals. I shouldn’t be surprised really. Look at their leader… Gumby with a French accent (no offence to any of Canada’s Francophone population). Seems the Tories have decided to put forward a motion extending Canada’s mission in Afghanistan to 2011. Well, the Liberals, who were so dead set against extending the mission for any reason have caved once again (I’m seeing at pattern with Dion here when it comes to Harper and his cronies). They’ve proposed an amendment to Harper’s motion (which would have become a confidence vote…and theoretically resulted in a federal election) recommending it change the mission to one focused on reconstruction and training rather than “hunting down the Taliban”. Whatever. Bend over a little farther why don’t you Stephane.


Wandering Coyote said...

I was a little disappointed with this Dion announcement, too, BUT he is in no position to win an election now so a confidence motion wouldn't be in his best interests right now. I suspect this is why he's backpedaling. Not that I agree with it at all - I want the mission to end in 2009 as much as anyone - but I see the reason behind this move.

Kyle G. Olsen said...

Provincial, all the parties represented in the legislature are in the debate.

Get the Green Party a seat and they can debate next time around.

Its pretty clear cut really, and the Greens should focus all their efforts in one riding in Calgary and one in Edmonton.

Polls say that 1% of Albertans list potential nuclear plants as there top concern. It isn't even on the radar.

Gardenia said...

Leaving out the Green Party - its one of the ways the "system" is manipulated to get rid of competition they don't want - they usually means "follow the money."

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The Greens had a really good showing in Calgary in the last election (something like 6% overall and up to 15% in certain ridings), and they are being shut out of the debate by the crackpots, er, Wildrose Alliance? Guess we have to vote a little harder this time.

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