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Thursday, February 07, 2008
Hello blogger world. So I’m sort of back now although I don’t know what my posting rate will be like. We’ll have to wait and see I guess. Internet-y stuff, blogging, etc just doesn’t seem to be holding much interest for me at the moment. Still visiting everyone regularly and occasionally commenting, and of course, I’m playing Scrabulous like a mad-woman.

What has been stoking my fires once again though is reading. I’m jazzed about reading although I haven’t yet buckled down and done much lately (that happens when you get home from work at 5:30 and go to bed at 8ish…). The Winter Reading Challenge is still going on but will be winding down to it’ finish at the end of February. Check it out – there’s a LOT of great reviews and fascinating finds. You might just discover a hidden treasure.

As some of you know, both my co-admin of the reading challenges, Wandering Coyote, and I have decided NOT to do a spring challenge. We’re both just a bit worn out and it’s a lot of work to administer the blog, keep up our own, and deal with life in general so we’re taking a break. As we asked over on the reading blog, if anyone wants to take over and start up a new reading challenge, feel free to do so and let us know. We’ll link to you. In the meantime, I’ve got a list of books I want to read over the next few months which should keep me busy. And I should be able to manage a couple of reviews before the end of the month.

Currently, I’m finishing up Amy Tan’s The Bonesetter’s Daughter. The themes in many of Tan’s books are the same (relationships between mothers/daughters and multiple generations) and this one is no different but it’s the way she tells it is what makes each book so interesting. I’ve also got a copy of Newgate: London’s Prototype of Hell by Stephen Halliday waiting to be opened next. I’m intrigued by prisons and legal systems so I’m hoping this is worth it. After that, I’ve ordered Naomi Klein’s latest, Shock Doctrine, from the library. After reading both Coyote’s and Dr. Monkey’s reviews, I’m looking forward to it. I also think SME is reading it at the moment, or about to. That’ll take me to the end of February, maybe a bit beyond.

March is the month of returns. It sees the return of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and likely the next two books in chronological order. I’m too lazy to look them up. A return to nonfiction and possibly the Rape of Nanking although I’m not positive on that one yet. After that, it’s the return of my favourite Russian author, Dostoyevsky, and two of his short stories, The Double and The Gambler. Hopefully these will have more satisfactory endings than Crime and Punishment (yes I’m still bitter). I have a feeling that’ll throw me into spring which means … Spring Cleaning. To celebrate, I’m hoping to read The Dirt on Clean. Heather wrote a great review of it which you can read here. Finishing up my list will be Vanity Fair. It sounds good so I figured why not.

This May I’ll be coming up on my two year anniversary of my goal to read one thousand books before I die. I’ve probably read a good 500 at this point in my life but I can’t remember them all. I had created My 1000 Books blog in October but had begun reading in April/May of 2006 So I’m going with a May 1 anniversary date. At the moment, I’ve read 56 books in just under two years. Not too shabby – especially considering there were a number of books that I started and read portions of but gave up on before finishing.

So that’s it for the moment. All of the above is, of course, subject to change.


mister anchovy said...

I'm stuck on Postcards by Annie Proulx. It started out OK. It was going fine...then I hit a chapter that just stopped me. That was two weeks ago. I've done everything possible to avoid reading it. Last night I finally forced my way through it. Hopefully the rest of the book will keep me interested. What was it about that chapter? Whatever it was, it was in the first half of the chapter. After that, the book picked up again. It just seemed to flounder, lose focus. Why was this chapter here? Why do I have to read it? Anyway, I'm past it and back in business.

Gardenia said...

I'm kind of back too. I have new books to read, I found a great sale at Books a Million. I haven't been as faithful to Reading Challenge as I should be......don't know why I'm having trouble keeping up - well, its that dang (partially) focus on getting my body in better takes worK and time, but I'm feeling so much better. Also a new class. And being primary caretaker for grandchild. Oh yeh, and chief cook and bottle washer.

sp said...

I may finish Don Quixote by the end of February. The last seventy pages are a struggle for me because it's already over for me in so many ways. However, I am curious to see the outcome.

1000 books? At the pace you're going, you'll get there.

Oh, I just got a copy of Bitter chocolate from the library so I'm anxious to read it, but must force myself to stay with the Knight of the Rueful Figure until the end.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've been doing a lot more reading this winter as well. Being incapacitated for a few weeks certainly helped me get a few extra books under my belt, and even now I find I am reading more.

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