The Second Volume is Finished

Monday, February 25, 2008
Sad news for Edmonton book lovers. It seems that Laurie Greenwood has decided to close her bookstore, Volume II, and move on to other opportunities in the book business. CBC Radio reported that the store will be open until the end of April but then it will close its doors. The end to yet another of the city's independent booksellers. While she didn't say it was part of her decision, I'm guessing that the success and Walmart-like tactics of the big chain stores (*cough cough* Chapters *cough*) probably did not help increase her profits... It was a sad day around our office this afternoon when we heard the news (we're all big book lovers). So folks, if you're looking to pick up a book in the next couple of months, please head over to Volume II and see if they've got what you're looking for. Show your support for the independents and you might just find a great sale...


SME said...

BUMMER!! I go to Audrey's most often, but I liked Vol. II.

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