Albertans, You Disappoint Me.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008
Sadly, the election is over. And the results are...disappointing to say the least. Despite Albertans call for change (not quite Obama-like), they failed to deliver. The Tories claimed an overwhelming majority and the conservative hold on the province and it's future continues. Damn. To be honest, I didn't expect a change in government although I didn't expect them to win 72 of 83 seats... Dear god. The other three parties all lost seats, the Liberals went from 16 to 9 and the NDP went from 4 to 2. The Wildrose Alliance lost their only seat and the Greens have yet to make history by electing their first provincial MLA. Frankly both the Liberals and the NDPs need to get more charismatic leaders. Kevin Taft and Brian Mason are not only sometimes scary to look at (remember my previous comments on Taft), they are decidely uninspiring on the whole.

It was so depressing watching the returns come in last night. How depressing you ask? How about a mere 20 minutes after the polls closed at least one local television station had declared a PC majority victory? Twenty minutes!!!! Yep, that's all it took.

I have a couple of issues though with the election.

1. The campaign lasted 28 days. Four weeks. That doesn't seem really very long to campaign but I'm not sure if that's set out in the legislature or not. Mind you, both the Liberals and the New Democrats had essentially started campaigning weeks before the election was actually called.

2. Changes to polling locations. I don't know about everyone but I know of a number of polling locations that moved. For example, my usual voting location is right behind my apartment, across the alley. Much to my surprise, it was moved a block away and the only reason I knew was because I actually looked at the card that arrived in the mailbox a few weeks ago. You can be guaranteed there's a number of people out there who didn't read it (or couldn't) and therefore didn't know their stations had moved. Luckily for me, there's only a difference of 1 block and I merely walked across the street. But what about those others who show up at their usual spot, realize that it's the wrong location and didn't know where their new polling station was, so they went home. Or couldn't be bothered to try and wander around looking for it (I don't have a lot of sympathy for those in this category but you can understand when it comes to the elderly and sick). Hmmm, possibly a well thought out tactic by the current government to keep those looking for change from the polls? I'm not accusing anyone per se, I'm just saying...I don't put anything past anyone. And apparently a lot of people were confused. Elections Alberta's website was so overwhelmed by people trying to find out where to vote, that the site kept crashing and people were being directed to call to get the information.

Despite the hullabaloo that was made over the issue, it doesn't seem like the returning officers is a big deal as it first seemed. However, I can see how and why the Liberals got upset about it.


sp said...

I was disappointed to see the results last night too.
I was hoping for a little more balance in the legislature, but I guess that's not possible.

I also heard that it was the lowest voter turnout ever. Did you hear the same?

Any time a party says that they're going to "develop a plan" to reduce greenhouse gases is a bad sign. That means no immediate action.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I felt the same way hearing a majority declared so soon, quite ill it made me.

Same old crap for another 4 years. sigh.

Avid Andy said...

maybe there is hope for us

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