Birthday Celebration

Saturday, March 08, 2008
Although Dave's birthday was on Wednesday, we decided to wait until last night (Friday) to celebrate. Chandra took him, the kids, myself, and a bunch of friends out to dinner at a local Greek restaurant, Koutouki. For those of you not in Edmonton, Koutouki's was the restaurant featured in the Food Network's show, The Family Restaurant (apparently showing/showed on the Discovery UK and Travel & Learning Channels). There was none of the family drama when we were there although we did see the mom when we dropped off Dave's cake and I think Chris was there during dinner but I could be wrong. Regardless, it's one of Edmonton's best Greek restaurants (I'd say better than Yianni's but that's just my opinion).

It had been decided that rather than seperate orders, we'd go with Meze. I don't know if this is a tradition at most Greek restaurants but essentially it's a couple of hours being fed plate after plate after plate of various appetizers/small dishes. Oh god, it was fabulous. All in all we had about 10 dishes...starting with pita bread, 5 different dips and salad, followed by dolmades, meat balls, calamari, chicken with tomatoes and rice, spanakopita, goat and roasted herbed potatoes, baked cheese, and a couple of other dishes I'm sure I missed. It was heaven although I didn't eat about 1/2 the dishes (goat, calamari, etc). I would have been happy with just the salad and bread but I'm not complaining! I began taking pictures of the fabulous food as we were polishing off the last of the salad but it soon became apparent that there was just no way I was going to be able to (and arms, elbows, forks and knives) was flying fast and furious.

Plate after plate of food, and three bottles of wine later, we were just finishing up when the music started blaring, rather than the nice subdued background noise it had been. Dara and Avery immediately stuck their feta crusted fingers in their ears and began complaining. I don't blame them, it was LOUD. However, underneath the thumping beats, you could faintly make out the sound of zils clangning and people clapping. If you've ever been to a Greek restaurant, you know that means only one thing...bellydancer. Dara, who often accompanies Chandra to her own dance classes, seemed fascinated by the dancer, Avery however nestled his head in my armpit and pretty much refused to take part in the spectacle.

Poor Dave. He was feeling pretty sick all week. Not sure if he's been fighting off the flu, a cold, or some weird combination of both. Two mornings of sleeping until noon though seemed to help him feel better. And, despite, his feeble attempts at protesting, the lovely dancer persuaded (cough didn't take much) him to get up out of his chair and shake his money maker. Oh yes, he had a good time.

The next half hour was filled with various men with no rythm being dragged onto the floor (or were they pushed by their dining companions?) and trying to keep up with the girl in the gold bikini. After Dave's award winning performance and follow ups by Chandra and fellow auntie, Sian (both of whom did a far better job than any of the men folk), we brought out the cake. It was a declious triple chocoloate mousse cake from La Favourite. Fabulous. Although Dave cut the pieces way too big and I barely managed to finish half of my piece. Avery on the other hand, dug right in and polished his off before everyone had been served.

Good food, good company, broken plates, shots of ouzo. Despite being seated next to another group of equal size who seemed to consist of Conservative supporters there to celebrate their party's huge victory, it was a great way to spend the evening. If you're looking for somewhere to dine and don't mind a little noise and mismatched tables, check out Koutouki.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Looks like a great time! Dave is one heckuva good sport to get up and dance - it would not happen around here, I tell you.

Wandering Coyote said...

Wow! I love Greek and it looks fabulous - and so does that cake!! If I ever come to E-town, we have to go to that restaurant!

Gardenia said...

For me, you have just described Paradise.

Sounds like these folks need to come down here and teach our Greek folks how to have a REAL Greek restaurant......

I too love Greek food

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Your brother looks almost exactly like my older brother. Happy belated birthday Karen's brother!

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