Interviews of the Not So Rich and Famous - Ep3 - Shea of the Dead

Sunday, March 23, 2008
Our next Not So Rich and Famous guest is Shea of the Dead. Shea's an up and coming filmmaker and you can check out some of his work over at (un)Heralded Films. He might be famous some day, so you'd better be nice to never know when you might be hitting him up for a job Ahem...dude...remember one of your first interviews (*cough cough*) when you need to cast your next blockbuster...ok? In the meantime, lets learn a bit more about the man behind the camera.

1. Name, age, boxers or briefs.
Stephen Shea Sizemore, 24, I was raised on the whitey tighties but in middle school I was tired of the wedgies so I would wear briefs with boxers over them. In high school I became a boxer man. The great thing about boxers is not only do they look cool creeping out the top of your jeans but you can keep a pair for years. They are resilient sons of shorts, especially after what they go through day after day.

2. Why aren't you on the Internet Movie Database ( yet?
I dont know...a bunch of my friends are. I don't really know how it works. I guess you can put yourself on there? I don't know. Maybe one day when it actually matters. Now I am making killer toilet movies...when that market explodes you will see it up there.

3. Now that you've completed Occupato (2007), will you ever use a port-a-potty again?
Oh yeah...definitely. I admire the blue bastards. I respect anything that can put up with peoples crap all day and still stand so stoically against the skyline.

4. Are you as secretly attracted to Ben Linus and his creepy bug-eyed genius as I am? Maybe it's just me...
It's just you. I tend to want to stick something in those buggy eyes. The way he manipulates and looks at people. I would have gone Sawyer all over his face a long ago.

5. How many famous actors/directors/producers have you met in the last year and how do you keep getting such cool opportunities?
1) Tom Shaddyack(director of Ace Ventura, Nutty Professor, Bruce and Evan Almighty, Patch Adams etc)
2) Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright
3) Kevin Sorbo
4) Tom Hanks
5) Paul Giamatti
6) Steve Niles (comic writer of 30 days of Night)
7)Peter Mayhew (chewy)
8)David Prowse ( Darth Vader)
9)Ray Parks (Darth Maul)
10)Jeff Wadlow (director of Cry Wolf, Never Back Down)
11)Mathew Lewis (Neville in Harry Potter)
Some of these its hard to say I met because in all reality I just saw them or was around them listening and watching them talk and interact. I am a pretty shy fellow when it comes down to it. But Tom Shadyack hung out in my hotel room at the Virginia Film Festival, Mathew Lewis and I took a piss next to each other. Jeff Wadlow and I have each others cell phone numbers. Paul Giamatti and I stood next to each other at a bar for about 5 minutes.

It's all about knowing people who know people and a little of being in the right place at the right time.

6. Aren't you a bit too old for comic books?
Never too old for comic books. But I actually get that a lot...ha. A comic book is basically the story boards to a movie. I learn so much by reading them. But I wont lie...many people are embarrassed for me.

7. In the movie of your life, who would play Captain Karen?
Hmmm...well its hard to say because I have never actually met you. So this is a shot in the dark definitely. Probably Cate Blanchet because she could play Michael Clark Duncan to a T if she really wanted to.

(Editor's note: Wait...Is Shea comparing me to Michael Clark Duncan....?)

8. Angry Aliens' 30-Second Bunnies totally rock, dude. What movie would you like to see them remake?
Hmmm...obviously Aliens and Dumb and Dumber.

9. Star Wars Episode IV - you walk into the Cantina and have a look around at the various life forms/patrons. Who would you sit with and what would you order to drink?
Away from the band and away from that horned devil looking fiend. I would probably just mount up to the bar and wait for some pock marked fool to tell me his friend doesn't like me. I would tell him "don't mess with me because I am wanted on 12 systems".

10. Does Phat Burrito make a veggie burrito and is it as good as the one from Taco Time?
Never even heard of Taco Time but Phat Burrito is amazing in every way and does indeed have the requested veggie burrito. Ha.

11. Who do you think the Mad Trapper really was?
Him and the Zodiak are the same cat.

12. Who is the third person you would thank in your acceptance speech when you eventually win your Oscar?
I would like to thank Avid Andy for being the second mom I never knew I needed.

13. You currently work for Fox's SpeedTV. Please explain the American fascination with watching suped up cars go round and round and round for hours on end in the blazing hot sun. It's the exhaust fumes, isn't it? taking the job I had no interest in racing or even cars. I drive a freaking Forrester for crying out loud. But after cutting promo after promo I will admit I can feel the appeal. It's the wrecks man...people love the wrecks. Also we like movie stars because we love to identify with that character or even idolize. Thats all those drivers are...a bunch of characters. I am definitely more of a Formula 1 guy then NASCAR...but each serves the purpose... providing me with a job.

14. Of the following Aliens minor characters, which would you be and why: Crowe, Frost, Dietrich, Spunkmeyer.
I would be Drake...maybe because I love Vasquez as much as he does, get to carry the big boy, and wear the sweet light on my head and actually need it. Besides...I think I would die from the acid blood that spews from the rounds and rounds I would be pumping into those sons of guns. I also would love to scream..."Awwwwww my face!!!!!!!" I don't think he says that, but I would if I was him.

15. Follow up to #14 - Explain what you would do differently to ensure you'd survive or at least last a little bit longer.
Short controlled bursts, my knees up, my head low, and no sudden movements.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us Shea.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Great interview! Shea has met Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright? Why then Shea and I are practically related because those three are practically my boyfriends.

Wandering Coyote said...

Who is Michael Clarke Duncan?

Great interview...I'm very impressed by Shea's list of famous people he's rubbed shoulders with...

* (asterisk) said...

"Love the Drake."
"Hate the Drake."

Another top-notch interview, Karen. And funny answers from Steve. I mean, Shea.

Avid Andy said...

It seems like only yesterday I was making you a hardy breakfast and wiping your snotty nose.

Sheamus the... said...

HA...(*) how did you find out my first name.....

Barb...yeah they talked about you a lot.

Mike Clark Duncan...? Come on!!! John the drink but spelled different. "Bow Your HEAD!!!" in Tim Burtons Planet of the Apes. He was even in Talladega Nights. Golden Eye Ball in Sin City!!!

And no Karen...ha...I was not saying you are like him. I was just trying to think of the most opposite person from Cate.

Gardenia said...

These are hilarious!

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