Shut Up and Drive

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
A bunch of people and I are going for lunch next week. No special reason, just because. Sometimes you need one of those lunches, right? After we had decided on a day and time, we had to choose where to go. Big mistake. Since I was organizing it (I always do, with pleasure), I should have just picked a restaurant and said “Show Up”. But noooooooooooooooo. It was generally agreed by the group (there’s only 5 or 6 of us) that we should try and go either somewhere we haven’t been in a while or somewhere new.

The problem with new is that it has to be within a close enough distance that we can drive there and back plus eat within an hour and a half MAX. We like to stay to around an hour and a quarter. This limits our choices. We have some standard choices and ones that we go to once every six months or so. One of the first suggestions was an expensive French restaurant nearby. Um…I’m a secretary…with a student loan… No. After that? Oh goodness. Two of us suggested Dadeo’s, a fabulous semi-Cajun diner which I’ve reviewed before. The others hemmed and hawed. And then they suggested just about every chain restaurant in the city: Moxies, Kelseys, Earls, Joey Tomatoes, Boston Pizza… Are you kidding me? I like a little flavour with my food which should be at least somewhat edible. Unless we’re with a huge group, or have the niece and nephew in tow, I generally avoid these places. The food is so….bleh. For those of you down south, it would be like Applebees or TGIFriday’s (the best I can think of). Oh sure, once in a blue moon, you might stop by there but can we try to be a bit more adventurous? Is it too much to ask to go somewhere relatively nice, non-chain style restaurant and where there isn’t a sneeze guard over a drab and dreary looking buffet? Someone did suggest Pagalak, a Vietnamese place in our version of China Town but I shot that one down personally. I went there and hated it.

As Dadeo’s didn’t seem to be going over well, we eagerly suggested the Blue Plate Diner which, if you remember, was the location of my fabulous birthday dinner and I was eager to go back. Nope, the person who suggested the chain locations shot that down for the same reason I rejected the Vietnamese restaurant. I found it impossible to believe but considering the places this person suggested, I’m not all that surprised. What did we end up settling for? You guessed it, Dadeo's. The place I was going to just pick in the first place. I could have saved us all a lot trouble by just telling everyone where we were going and getting it over with. I’ll know better for next time. Oh, wait. Next time I said someone else can choose as I seemed to bully them into going for Cajun. They’ll change their minds after one bite of the sweet potato fries and herbed mayo.


Milla said...

If you can have a two-hour lunch during your working hours, I want to have YOUR job!

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